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Billionaire's Unwanted Black Twin Babies
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Billionaire's Unwanted Black Twin Babies

  Table of Contents

  Billionaire’s Unwanted Black Twin Babies

  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

  Chapter Ten


  Billionaire’s Unwanted Black Twin Babies

  By Ciara Cole

  All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2017 Ciara Cole.


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  Chapter One

  For the first time ever, Indiana Hart struggled to shop.

  Which would be an abnormal problem for any female, but this time was because Indiana was at the store shopping for alcohol. For her brother’s party. For which he’d specified the exact ones he needed but now, for the life of her she couldn’t recollect what they were. He’d warned Indiana to make a list, but she’d been so sure she’d remember.

  That hadn’t turned out to be such a good idea.

  Indiana sighed and pushed a hand through her voluminous, curly dark hair. She was dressed in a floral, laced crop top over a pair of white shorts, the outfit revealing her gleaming, even-toned cocoa skin.

  She slowly began walking down the aisle and passed by a security monitor, which showed her momentarily on the screen. Indiana barely took notice of the tall, broad back of another figure standing opposite. Until moments later, he spoke to her.

  “Is everything okay there?”

  Indiana glanced to the side of her and was a bit shocked by the hotness of the male who’d addressed her. His beautiful gray eyes with their flecks of green were dangerous yet warm. His well-defined jawline and that bit of stubble swept up into those prominent cheekbones. Even his tousled brown hair looked good on him, in an effortlessly messy kind of way that was cool.

  He had on a white t-shirt that showed how buff his chest and biceps were, not to mention his smooth abs. Indiana didn’t want to even think about his lower half. And how his black jeans had her wanting to say a few “Hail Mary’s” in penance for her sinful response to the way the fabric clung to his strong thighs.

  “Are you done checking me out?” he asked, and his pale pink lips had a hint of a smile that caused a peekaboo dimple to play in his jaw.

  “Hold on,” Indiana said thoughtfully. She saw him quirk an eyebrow while she made a show of checking him out again. Then she raised her gaze to his. “Okay, now I’m done.”

  He gave a humorous shake of his head. “Looks like you’re having trouble deciding what you want,” he said, nodding at the row of wines and liquor.

  The gentle chuckle edging his words made Indiana relax further. She was usually tense around species of the opposite sex. Especially when they looked as masculine and attractive as this one did. He seemed to be around her brother’s age and had a tall, sculpted frame of someone who visited the gym regularly, which she decided he must.

  Indiana guessed he might have noticed how she had trailed her gaze along the rows of bottles over and over in confusion. With a sigh, she explained that her brother was having a party, and she had to get the booze but simply couldn’t remember the ones he wanted.

  Indiana’s eyes narrowed with frustration as she stopped trying to rack her brain. “Maybe I should just call him,” she muttered and reached for her phone in her pocket. Crap! She must have left it at home.

  “I’m also off to a party and came to get some drinks as well. They happen to be my friend’s favorite,” said the beautiful stranger, holding up his shopping basket. Indiana’s gaze strayed to the bottles, and suddenly her eyes lit up.

  They were exactly the brands her brother wanted her to get for him! She remembered them now, and with her memory jogged, she quickly grabbed the bottles from the shelf just beside the tall stranger, loading up her shopping cart. What a well-timed coincidence, thought Indiana with relief.

  She couldn’t help but laugh, thinking how she’d only just remembered everything. Grinning, Indiana looked up at the stranger who’d inadvertently acted as a reminder, and when their eyes met, she noticed him freeze.

  Indiana wondered what he was thinking. Something about his gaze gave her stomach strange little flutters. She felt like she might be sick. What the hell was happening to her?

  “Well, thanks for your help,” Indiana managed, her smile bright. “What a lucky chance for me that you’re going to a party tonight.”

  Even though she felt curious which party it was and who was hosting, somehow Indiana couldn’t think of anything else to say. Especially when just then he reached for another six-pack from the upper row behind her, and she noticed the way the impressive muscles in his arm and shoulders flexed. Indiana instantly looked away, her cheeks flushed.

  “I’m glad I could be of assistance,” he replied. He seemed about to say something else, but Indiana turned around and began moving away on fast heels.

  “Have a nice party,” she said with a beaming smile over her shoulder.

  “And you.”

  On her way back to the car, Indiana wondered what he’d been going to say earlier. Maybe ask for her number?

  She didn’t even have her phone or a pen. Indiana shook her head and pushed aside such thoughts. She felt embarrassed about how she’d hurried away like that. She was twenty-one and needed to act with more poise. She just hadn’t expected such a handsome stranger to help her with getting drinks in a store. Too bad she’d never see him again.

  Her brother Drew was waiting when Indiana got back home. “What took you so long?”

  Indiana saw he was already dressed for the party. With a roll of her eyes at his tone, she made for the kitchen. “I forgot what drinks to get. I would have called, but I left my phone.”

  Drew leaned over and checked the labels of the drinks. “Looks like you managed okay. They’re the right ones.”

  “Someone at the store also got the same drinks and that’s how I remembered,” Indiana said with a shrug. A flash of memory had Indiana thinking of deep gray eyes and a powerfully male, tanned body, but she blinked the image away.

  “Well, thanks,” Drew said. “The party’s about to start. You should get ready.”

  “Oh right.” Indiana made her way up to her room. It was cool that they were having the party at their house, which was big enough to fit in a lot of people. At first, Indiana had been worried, but Drew had pointed out that his friends were responsible adults who could handle drink. Indiana knew most of them would be from the college they both attended, which was barely an hour and a half from where they lived.

  Indiana got dressed in a short black dress with cut-outs at the waist and a crisscross design. Indiana had no problem showing off her great figure in a fashionable way that wasn’t over the top. Thanks to her dedication to yoga and fitness, she’d never had to endure much insecurity about her body or looks. She believed she was comfortable in her own skin and felt confident to wear slightly revealing outfits without looking slutty.

  She didn’t mess too much with her hair. It was long and curly and when straightened could rest around the middle of her back. It wasn’t a weave, nor was she mixed. She just took great care of her hair. For makeup, she was fine with just some lip gloss and mascara. There really wasn’t anyone she needed to impress at the party, so she didn’t go all out.

  Indiana heard her brother call her name from downstairs, and music already strained in through the door. She quickly buckled on her black strapped heels and left her bedroom to greet the guests who’d arrived.

sp; It came as a surprise to see the party this packed. Good thing their parents were currently out of town visiting family and wouldn’t have to be worried by so many people walking around inside their home. Her parents had needed to move them all to New York five years ago when her father got a promotion to head a new branch of a financial company.

  Now Indiana went to college there, and so did her elder brother Drew. Hopefully this party wasn’t going to carry on until the early hours, considering they had neighbors.

  Indiana went around greeting people and almost fainted with shock when she saw who stood talking to her brother.

  Her stranger looked just as beautiful as he had before at the liquor store. It was a crazy twist to see that when they’d met, he was actually invited to her brother’s party.

  She came to stand in front of them, and he saw her. His eyebrows climbed in surprise, and he smiled wide with pleasure. “Hi.”

  That smile hit her right in the knees, and it took a few seconds before Indiana finally responded. “Hi,” she breathed. “Nice to see you again.”

  “You two have met?” asked Drew, his eyes narrowed, and Max explained what happened at the store and how Indiana had been having trouble remembering what drink Drew liked. Max had been the one who’d helped out, though they didn’t get to exchange more than a few words.

  “Looks like you’re both still in need of proper introduction,” Drew said with a grin. “Max, this is my little sister, Indiana. Indiana, meet Max Stafford. We’re on the same soccer team.”

  Indiana shook hands with Max, who held on a brief second more before letting go.

  “Funny what a small world it is,” Max said drily.

  “True that,” Indiana murmured as they stared at each other.

  To her surprise, her brother announced after a brief cough, “I’ll leave you both to talk.” He grabbed his drink from the side and then headed into the other room where his guests were.

  Indiana didn’t really know what to think. Drew didn’t make a habit of being so casual about her being around his friends. Did he really trust Max that much with her? Or maybe Drew didn’t really think she was Max’s type or him hers, and as such had no problem leaving them together to get acquainted.

  Oh, whatever. Indiana wasn’t going to get herself het up over nothing. She glanced around for her best friend Macy, who should be there by now.

  “I knew Drew had a sister, but I never would have imagined it was you,” Max said, drawing her attention back to him.

  “You two are friends then, and not just team mates?” She was just surprised that Drew never mentioned him.

  “We’re friends, though not close, as this is the first time I’m being invited to his home,” Max admitted. “I definitely like Drew, and that’s why I came. We usually hang out, go to the gym or club. I can see us getting tight, but right now I’m curious about you.”

  Indiana looked surprised he’d be truly interested in anything about her. Was he simply being nice because she was Drew’s sister? The last thing she wanted was to read the signals all wrong and end up embarrassing herself. Max could just be curious–maybe trying to simply make small talk.

  “Ah…okay. Where do I begin?” she replied, her smile mild and playful.

  “Well, you can start by telling me what you like doing in your spare time?” Max asked, taking a sip from his beer.

  “I like working out, though mostly yoga. It’s a super-healthy practice, and I’ve been into it since I was seventeen.”

  “Sounds like something I could try. Any suggestions?” Max enquired with a slight grin.

  Indiana rubbed on her chin thoughtfully, her eyes running over him appraisingly. “I could recommend you start on some Sivananda yoga, but it has somewhat slow moves…”

  He chuckled at her hesitant words. “Don’t let these muscles fool you. I like my strength training, sure–but I’m not one of those ADD types who needs to perspire profusely to be satisfied with my workout.”

  Indiana couldn’t help but smile at that. It surprisingly felt so easy talking to him, as she hadn’t expected him to be this laid back and witty.

  "I do know one thing–that yoga originated in India," Max said.

  "Yes, and it's been my dream to visit there," Indiana said, sighing. She looked up at Max and smiled. "And before you ask–no, my name isn't connected to it at all. It just worked out that way. Like fate."

  "Like the way you and I met," he said, lips tilted in a sexy smile.

  When he smiled like that, it was so easy to block out the music and chatter from the party. No other face drew her, no other guy had his presence. Indiana became more and more drawn to Max despite her better judgment, knowing that it would be so easy to fall beneath his spell.

  And even in that moment, just from staring into his eye-catching features, Indiana’s imagination already began to wander into dangerous territory…

  Max, his soft-looking lips on hers. Her in a sexy satin robe, which he slowly untied before feeling her curves with his manly hands. “So beautiful, every inch of you. Any guy would be lucky to have you, Indiana.”

  In her mind, she already knew what he wanted, and she could feel her body give in to his imagined touch. “I’m going to make you feel so good,” he promised. “I’ll let you feel what a man can do.”

  And then he laid her down on the bed, even as her soft murmur rent the shadows, “Yes…”

  “Indiana? Are you okay?” Max asked, starkly cutting into Indiana’s naughty reverie.

  “Yes?” she blurted and felt her cheeks flush as she realized she'd repeated out loud the last part of her sultry fantasy. Oh God. No one had made her think dirty thoughts just by looking at him.

  Damn! Her mother would kill her for even thinking about sex and plus, he was white.

  She had to find a way to keep such thoughts at bay before they went any deeper. She knew she should walk away from him, but she found she couldn’t do it as easily as she had at the store. She couldn’t break away from those stormy gray eyes just yet.

  She looked at his face, the lightly tanned skin and pink, plump lips, those sexy brown bed head locks, and the evident six pack and chiseled body structure. Indiana didn’t normally notice a guy’s physical attributes, but apparently she was getting way too attuned to this guy, aware of every little thing about him. Why was that?

  “This isn’t the first time you’re checking me out. Must see something you like.”

  Max had on a smirk that got Indiana snapping back to reality. She wasn’t the type to be bested, and somehow she liked the fact that for once she’d found a worthy challenge in a male. From the way his cocky smile deepened, she knew he was pleased by the defiance in her eyes.

  “Looks like you're about to sass talk me again,” Max baited, reminding Indiana of how she'd responded when he'd teased her at the store about checking him out. “ it that you just can’t tell when a guy’s trying to flirt with you?”

  “You know, that just might be it,” she deadpanned, eyes wide, leaning forward slightly to tease. “Maybe I’ll need more of a demonstration.”

  “You look very beautiful,” his deep voice said.

  Indiana had just been joking, but he didn’t sound like he was. Not with the way he was looking at her.

  “I know you believe me because you must have a mirror, Indiana,” he said with a smile, which faded as he added thickly, “Just saying your name gives me chills.”

  Indiana drew back a safer distance, suddenly feeling like she was standing on the edge of a waterfall. And she could either jump off or swim back to safety. With Max in his basic white tee with the slightly low neckline under his black leather jacket which matched his black Levi’s, his entire look screamed bad boy. He was like walking, talking sex.

  “Slick, really slick," Indiana finally worded, keeping it casual even with her stomach fluttering. "I can tell I’ll have to watch my step around you."

  She wagged her finger at him, and he laughed deeply, the tension in the air between t
hem becoming diffused as they settled into warm banter. It was only for five more minutes before Indiana was called away to help with the party.

  It was an hour before Indiana was done, and by then the party had gotten even louder and more crowded.

  Music from The Weeknd, Sia and Bruno Mars blared from the speakers, her brother Drew’s favorite artists. Even as she moved her body instinctively to the good jams, Indiana didn’t want to admit her eyes sought anything in particular as they roved the room.

  But then she found him, and those same searching eyes of hers lit up. Max. He was looking around the room himself, and the vain part of Indiana wondered if he was seeking her out too. Without thinking, her legs moved in his direction.

  The next moment, Indiana frowned. A blonde had walked up to Max and rested her hand on his chest, a sultry smile on her perfectly made up face. She looked like one of the sorority sisters whose group had arrived minutes ago.

  “What’s wrong, handsome? You don’t like being touched?” asked the blonde with a smirk.

  “Not by random women, and not without my permission,” Max drawled.

  Even though she couldn’t see his face, Indiana smiled, thinking he couldn’t have sounded more bored. I have to save him.

  Setting her drink on the nearest table, Indiana hastened her steps, and soon Max turned and saw her. He smiled at her, and Indiana smirked, her eyes glinting with purpose.

  The blonde also looked in Indiana’s direction, and her eyes narrowed as Indiana approached.

  Indiana’s shoulder bumped hers. “What are you doing with my man?”

  The blonde huffed and crossed her arms. “Everyone knows Max is single. For now.” With that, the blonde gave a smug look, as if she was sure she’d be the one to snap him up.

  Indiana leaned closer to her to whisper, “That’s only because it suits him to let people think what they like. He’s definitely taken, and in fact, likes a little role play. He gets me to dress as a stranger, and then he picks me up at the party. Too bad you had to butt in and try to ruin the game for us. Does it really feel that good being the other woman?”

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