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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

  Their Protector:

  An MC Outlaw Romance

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  All Rights Reserved.

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  A Note on this Edition

  This is a revised and expanded edition of a book previously published as Larson . Its prologue is published as Haunted Heart and if you’ve read Haunted Heart recently you might wish to start this book at Chapter 15, which is where that story diverges and continues.

  Larson is a friend of the Bradford Brothers and for a limited time, all three of the Bradford Brothers’ stories (Jensen, Harlow and Ramsey) are included as bonus books so you can catch up if you’d like. It is not necessary to read those stories to understand this one, but, they are best enjoyed all together!

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  Chapter 1 – Brynn

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  "Oh geez. I think this skirt is too short."

  I cringe as I look at myself in the mirror, and then at my best friend Riley Bradford.

  It’s Halloween night, and I’m second guessing everything. Including this obnoxious cheerleader costume. And the way my ass is hanging out of it.

  Sure, it sends the message I’m looking for: Come and get me . I haven’t gotten laid in a long time, and tonight’s the perfect night for it.

  "Don't be silly, Brynn," Riley says. "It's Halloween. It's the one time of year when there's no such thing as a skirt that's too short. In fact, Halloween is the excuse that young hot women everywhere use to flaunt their goods without feeling slutty."

  "Yeah, but that category doesn’t even apply to me anymore. I'm getting old. And frumpy."

  "No, you're not. You look just as hot as you did when we'd go to Halloween parties in law school."

  "I’ve gained like twenty pounds since then."

  "So? You were hot then but you're even hotter now. Curvaceous is the new skinny."

  I roll my eyes. But I love how dear Riley brings a positive spin to everything.

  "Remember that one time I went as a ghost?” I ask her. “What the hell was I thinking?"

  "I think you were thinking of saving time and money," Riley replies. "You were busy preparing for that big trial coming up in moot court— not to mention studying for mid-terms— and the easiest and quickest kind of costume was to throw a sheet over your head after cutting some circles out of it for eyes."

  "That's true," I agree.

  Good old practical and reassuring Riley.

  "But I totally ruined my chance to flaunt my goods when I was younger and looked a lot better."

  I can't help but reminisce about the past, when I would get laid on the regular. I wish I could be that carefree and fun now, because I haven't gotten any in ages.

  On that note, I peek my head into the living room to make sure my son Caleb is okay. He is, so I go back to looking at myself in the mirror.

  Being a mom is the best thin
g that ever happened to me, even though I wasn't so sure it would be, back when I was first pregnant with Caleb. I didn't even know back then that I'd be a single mom.

  I was just scared and unsure— with good reason— of going through a pregnancy with Caleb's dad Steve. My worst fear was that he would bail on us. Which is exactly what happened. But still, I wouldn't trade Caleb for the world.

  Ever since then, though, dating and sex have been last on my list of priorities, and I could certainly stand to be fucked good and hard.

  Steve was the last person I’d been with in that way. After that he’d taken off, leaving Caleb and me in the dust. So, he must not have thought the sex was worth sticking around for any more than we were. I can’t say the sex was worth it myself, although it did produce Caleb, and for that I’m grateful.

  "You look great!" Riley is still insisting. "That skirt totally shows off your hour glass figure."

  "Awww, thanks Riley."

  I can't help but smile at her even though I still feel that the costume is a tad too inappropriate for someone— a mother, no less— my age.

  "You always have a way of making me feel better."

  "Good,” she responds, her pretty lighting up in a smile. “Because just seeing you makes me feel better."

  "I know! It's been way too long. We haven’t seen each other since your wedding."

  "And whose fault is that?" Riley laughs, teasingly. "Ms. Big City, Big Firm lawyer."

  "I know, I know. I'm way too busy with work. And with Caleb, too."

  I look over to the living room again, where Caleb is playing with Riley's son, Drew. To more accurately state the situation, Caleb is not playing with Drew. I've told him three times to share his truck but he just shakes his head and screams "NO!"

  Meanwhile, Drew has been glaring at Caleb in between coloring— or, should I say scribbling?— in his Sesame Street coloring book. He's too young to have gotten the actual act of coloring down yet, but he's sure trying.

  Even though the boys are staying in tonight— Trick or Treating having already happened earlier this week— they both wanted to wear their costumes. So, Caleb is dressed as a monkey and Drew is Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

  "Speaking of Caleb," I say to Riley, "I'm sorry he's not better at sharing. I don't think that Drew likes him very much because of that."

  "He'll warm up to him," Riley says with a shrug. "They're both toddlers and therefore haven't even learned what sharing means."

  I smile at her. She's not only a good friend but a good mother too. She knows when to let things slide. She's a breath of fresh air to be around compared to my moms' group friends who freak out if their kids eat anything but organic gluten-free crackers off expensive non-plastic, non-toxic plates.

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