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Their Protector: An MC Outlaw Halloween Romance

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  Jensen loves his mother and wants to help— he’d feel guilty having her “rot away at some home.” I think that the fact that his father is deceased makes it all that much harder to come to terms with grappling with the issue of “losing” his mom too. As for me, I’ve tried to do my best to take care of his mom, to show her we love her and we’re here for her. But lately she has been really testing my patience.

  “Okay, can I get you anything?” I ask her.

  I shake my head, thinking about how that’s really a question she should be asking me , this late in my pregnancy and seeing as how she’s been staying with us rent-free for so long now. But Jensen’s mom has never been known for her unselfish or giving ways.

  “Just leave me alone,” she spits, and starts to stand up. But she’s shaky on her feet, wobbling and nearly toppling over.

  “Here you go,” I tell her, helping to steady her. Then I call up the stairs, “Monica, can you come help me…”

  I was about to say “bring Mrs. Bradford back upstairs?” but she’s darting for the door, suddenly spry.

  “Where are you going?” I ask her.

  But she heads out the door, mumbling something about not being a prisoner in her son’s house anymore.

  “Oh, my God,” I groan, as I join Monica at the top of the staircase.

  “Are you okay?” she asks. “I was just coming down to help.”

  “I’m fine,” I tell her. “But I have no idea what’s gotten into her . Do you think I should run after her? Call the police? Call Jensen?”

  Monica shakes her head. “This is really the last thing you should be worrying about right now.”

  “But the doctor says…”

  “I know, that she’s senile,” Monica interrupts. “But she’s always been a selfish drama queen; that’s nothing new.”

  I can’t help but smile at that. I take my phone out of my pocket and try to call Jensen, but there’s no answer.

  “Plus, he’s also said you should put her in a home,” Monica says gently. “Maybe it’s time…”

  “I know,” I practically whisper.

  I don’t want to think about the effect of bringing a baby into such a chaotic environment. But part of me feels that Jensen has been distant because he senses I’ve been thinking that we should put his mom in a home, and he doesn’t want to. The last thing I need right now is marital strife. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  I leave a message for Jensen, letting him know that his mom ran out of the house on her own and that if I don’t hear back from him shortly, I’ll call the police. I figure they’ll know what to do about her better than I do.

  “That’s the spirit,” Monica says. “I’m proud of you. Let the police deal with the senile, mean lady running around in the streets. That’s not your job.”

  I can’t help but laugh, as she adds, “Just kidding. But seriously. That’s the most you can do. You’ve already done so much.”

  “Jensen must be riding his bike home,” I tell her, and I also can’t help but tell myself that, by way of reassurance. The only time he doesn’t answer is if he’s on his bike. Unless…

  He’s not that upset that he wouldn’t answer your phone call , I tell myself.

  My stomach tightens. I take a sharp breath in as what definitely feels like a contraction passes through me.

  “I think the baby wants to see how the clothes look in his room,” I tell Monica. “He’s sending very strong signals that I should pay attention to him. Or maybe he’s hinting that I should hurry up and finish getting ready for his impending arrival.”

  “Yes, let me show you,” she says, taking my hand and leading me into the nursery. “This is all you should be worried about right now.”

  The baby blue paint and teddy bear stickers on the wall immediately brighten my mood. I rub my belly, excited for the baby to get here.

  “Now, I haven’t hung everything up of course, since we couldn’t carry it all at once. But I put everything in here in order by size and then season and then color.”

  “Look at you, Miss Organized,” I beam, running my hands along the clothes hanging up in the closet. I have no idea how she did this so quickly. “I knew I wouldn’t regret inviting you over, even if you do bug me to talk about my problems.”

  She laughs, and we hug.

  “I can handle hanging the rest of the stuff up,” I tell her, still smiling at the system she’s put into place so that I can easily follow it.

  “Are you sure?” She asks. “Won’t you need help carrying things?”

  “I’m sure,” I tell her. “I want to do some of it on my own so he doesn’t think his mom is completely useless when he gets here. Plus, Jensen should be home soon.”

  Monica and I laugh as we head back downstairs. The kids are engaged in a lively game of duck duck goose.

  “Time to go,” Monica tells James, sounding so motherly that it’s cute. “Tell your aunt goodbye. You too, Becky and Mason.”

  All three kids run over and hug my legs, causing my heart to melt.

  “Bye bye, Aunt Riley!” James says. He can’t say his “R”’s yet, so it sounds more like “Wiley.”

  “Bye bye, little love,” I say, bending down to kiss him on his cheek. Then I kiss Mason and Becky.

  “Pick up your toys before you leave,” Monica instructs.

  They do so, placing them back in the bin I keep for when they come over— and for our own baby when he gets old enough to play with them. He kicks me, and I rub my hand over the place where I can feel his arm and his little butt. He’s particularly active right now; he must sense some trouble.

  After Monica and the kids leave, I shut the door behind them and look around at the clothes that remain to be put away. There are still some items in a box in a closet, so I begin to unpack them, since it will keep my mind occupied until Jensen gets here. The baby is still kicking around like crazy and I feel an occasional sharpening and tightening of my stomach.

  I run my hand up and down, back and forth, to reassure him that everything’s all right. At least, I think it is.

  Chapter 5 – Jensen

  I cut my bike’s engine and hurry into the house, feeling bad that I’m getting home later than usual. My phone vibrates to alert me of a pending text message, undoubtedly sent by Riley when I was on my bike. I’m sure she’s just asking when I’ll be home, and now that I’m here, I’d rather talk to her in person than waste time answering the text.

  As soon as I open the front door, I see my lovely wife bent over a box of baby clothes, rustling through them and sorting them out. This domestic gesture makes me feel surprisingly manly… and turned on.

  I stare at her curvy ass while my cock stands straight up to attention. I just want to pick her up and carry her upstairs so we can fuck in our bedroom, but as she turns around to greet me, I remember there’s a little something that could get in the way of that goal… our baby. Her stomach is huge and I can’t believe there’s still any room for him to stay in here this long.

  “Hi honey!” she says, dropping the clothes and coming over to greet me.

  I’m glad she isn’t mad at me. Her voice sounds a little hesitant, as if she thinks I might be mad at her. But I don’t have time to try to figure out that mystery because, the next thing I know, she’s kissing me.

  “Mmmmm,” I say, my tongue eagerly meeting hers.

  She smells like a mixture of clean and clear detergent— the kind she insists we use to wash all baby clothes— and her shampoo. I’ve come to love the smell of that, but it’s even nicer to have it mixed in with the scent of our baby’s clothes.

  “I missed you,” she says, as I reach around and grab her ass.

  She laughs and looks down at my cock, which can’t hide the fact that it missed her too.

  “Can I… umm….?”

  I want to ask her if I can fuck her in this condition but I don’t want to be insensitive. It’s been awhile since we’ve had sex. I would say that part of the reason is I’ve been
afraid to hurt her. But there’s definitely been some emotional distance between us that I feel determined to repair now that I just had the chat with Larson.

  She nods, understanding the question, and pulls my shirt over my head. Then she traces her fingers down my chest.

  “Oh, Jensen,” she says. “I thought you were mad at me.”

  “I thought you were mad at me too,” I tell her. “I think maybe we should talk.”

  “Me too,” she says, but I start taking off her shirt.

  “After we do other things, of course,” I say.

  She laughs and I lead her over to the couch. I figure it’s better than trying to carry her upstairs like I want to do. But then I remember something.

  “Oh, shit, my mom,” I say, worried that she’ll come down and see us in this state. It’s hardly like I’m a kid in high school, but, it would still be awkward.

  “Yeah, did you get my text?” she says, looking up into my eyes.

  “Your… text?” I ask. “No. Sorry. I stayed a bit later than usual with Larson so I was on my way home and by the time I saw it, I just figured you were asking when I’d be home, and I already was.”

  “It’s okay,” she says. “Monica was here anyway. She just left. She was helping me organize the baby’s things.”

  “Oh, that’s nice of her,” I tell her, nuzzling her neck.

  “But Jensen,” she says, slightly pushing me away, so that I’ll pay attention to her words instead of her amazing breasts. “Your mom isn’t here. She left.”

  “She left?” I ask, taking her ample breasts into my hands. They’re even bigger and fuller now that she’s pregnant, and I love them even more than I did before, although I hadn’t known that was possible. “Where did she go?”

  “I don’t know,” Riley says, sounding alarmed. “She was sitting on the stairs in a daze and then when I tried to ask her if she was okay, she ran out of the house.”

  “Geez,” I mutter, shaking my head.

  I’m really getting tired of my mom’s antics. I know the doctor says she’s senile but she’s also been like this my entire life. Always looking for attention, even when my wife is nine months pregnant and the spotlight should be on her. It’s really about time I do something about this.

  “I’m worried about her,” Riley says. “It was… strange.”

  “Well, I’m sure she’s just gone over to Harlow and Whitney’s,” I tell her.

  Mom has been spending a lot of time over there lately. I think it’s become her new favorite place since there is nothing to distract anyone from her favorite object of affection: herself. They don’t have a kid and Whitney’s not pregnant, so, Mom thinks she can rule the roost over there.

  “Are you sure?” Riley asks, putting her hand back on my chest. The motion makes my cock perk back up. To be quite honest, my mom is the last thing on my mind right now. The thought of delving deep into Riley’s perfect pussy is using all my brain cells.

  “I think so,” I tell her. “But we’ll call him as soon as we fit in a quickie, while she’s still out.”

  I’m hoping against hope she says yes, because I really need to be close to her right now, physically as well as emotionally. Luckily, she nods, and I feel like doing a fucking happy dance.

  Chapter 6 – Jensen

  Riley smiles and I take off her skirt and then my pants and underwear. I hold her against me while we’re still standing up, marveling at her gorgeous body.

  “I never knew pregnancy could look so hot,” I say.

  “Oh, stop. I’m huge.”

  “You’re perfect. So perfect I want to defile you.”

  “Oh yeah?” she asks, biting her full, pretty bottom lip as she seductively peers at me through her eyelashes.

  “Oh yeah. But, I’ll make it easy on you, due to your condition and all.”

  “Very funny,” Riley says, but she seems relieved when I sit down on the couch and pull her on top of me, so that she’ll be sitting on my lap.

  Her belly isn’t in the way now, and I can hold onto her plump ass. With one hand there and the other on her hip, I guide her down onto my cock. Once the tip is inside, I can already feel how wet she is. She slowly sits down, gliding my cock further into her pussy as she does so.

  “Oh, my God, Riley,” I tell her. “That feels so good. It’s been far too long.”

  “I know.”

  It hasn’t even been a week, but that’s a long time for us.

  Riley squeezes my cock in between her thighs and pussy until I’m all the way up inside her. Her pussy feels tight and warm when I’m there. She begins slowly grinding her hips around, making my cock move around inside her.

  “I love how you big cock fills me all the way up,” she moans.

  I reach around and play with her nipples, which are hard and pointy from my touch. She groans and circles her hips around on me, saying, “You’re going to make me come, Jensen.”

  “Come, my wife,” I tell her, pushing my cock up further inside her pussy. “Come on my cock.”

  “Yes,” she says, leaning her head back onto my chest and half lying in my lap while she comes. “Yes, yes, yes.”

  I pick her legs up and spread them wide over my own legs. I let her relax in my lap so she doesn’t have to exert herself. I want to pleasure her, and my mind is entirely consumed with thoughts of making her feel good.

  I reach underneath her belly and back up a bit, playing with her clit while I push my cock in and out from underneath her pussy.

  “I love how your cock is so long that it bends up and around and goes inside me,” she says, as she gently rocks her pussy up and down on my cock and my fingers work their way around her wet clit. “And it’s so thick that it’s crammed inside me, almost spilling out.”

  “I love your sweet pussy,” I tell her, squeezing her clit between my two fingers. “It feels so wet and tight.”

  “Oh, my God,” she says, leaning her back to look at me. “You’re amazing.”

  With one of my hands I keep playing with her clit and with the other I take ahold of her hair and gently pull on it, making sure her eyes stay locked on me. Her tongue licks her lower lip while she writhes around on my cock.

  “I’m coming,” she says, and I start patting her pussy, spanking it ever so lightly with my hand. “Jensen, Jensen, Jensen.”

  I feel her warm juices spill out onto my cock and into the palm of my hand. I rub the wetness all over my balls and her clit. Then she leans forward and begins riding my cock.

  “Riley,” I say. “That feels so good. But you don’t have to…”

  “Shhhhhh,” she says, rising and falling on my cock, moving her ass back and forth.

  I can’t help but take her ass cheeks in my hands, spreading them wide and then putting my finger into her asshole.

  “That feels so good,” she says, bouncing up and down on my cock as I thrust it in and out of her pussy hole.

  “You have no idea,” I tell her, as I feel myself being to throb inside her clenched pussy.

  “It kind of makes me feel like I’m bouncing around on a fitness ball,” she says. “Like a birth ball they showed us in our labor and delivery class. I think this is good practice for labor.”

  We laugh, and the vibration on my cock makes it become even more engorged.

  “Oooh, I felt that,” she says, moving up and down on me more. “That feels good.”

  “You’re telling me. Now you’re going to make me come.”

  “I’m gonna come with you,” she says. “You make me come so much.”

  Then I’m thrusting and pumping my cock into her pussy while my finger plays with her asshole. And she’s panting hard, riding my cock, as I come into her. I shoot my load in her and she grips my thighs, saying, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.”

  I finish and expect her to collapse on me so I can hold her for a minute before we hurry to get dressed and find my mom. But instead, she says, “Ouch.”

  “Ouch?” I ask her, as I help her off my lap.

bsp; “Ouch.” She bends over and holds her stomach. “I think that might have been a little too much like practice labor. It seems to have stimulated a contraction.”

  “Well, the instructor did say that having sex could start labor,” I mention.

  “Awww, you really do pay attention in class,” she says, straightening up but still rubbing her belly. “But they said that’s an induction tip, like if the baby is overdue. I still have a week left.”

  “They also said a due date is just an estimate,” I tell her, and she smiles, obviously further impressed with all that I’ve learned in our labor and delivery class. “How do you feel now? Are you okay?”

  “Yes,” she says, nodding. “I think I might have just pulled something, like a muscle in my stomach or something.”

  “You were working hard,” I tell her. “Sorry if it was too much. But I’m really glad we got to do that.”

  “Me too,” she says. “And I’ve been meaning to talk to you.”

  “I’ve been meaning to talk to you ,” I tell her. “Let’s get dressed and call Harlow to make sure my mom is over there and then we can sit down and have a chat.”

  “I’d love that,” she says, looking relieved.

  But just as we’re starting to put our clothes back on, there’s a knock at the door.

  “Oh no,” Riley says, practically jumping. “Your mom must be back.”

  “At least we had time to finish,” I laugh.

  When I open the door, I’m surprised to see that it’s not my mom, but Harlow and Whitney.

  “Why hello,” I tell them, opening the door all the way. “Come in.”

  “Hi guys,” Riley says, hugging them but looking as confused as I feel. “To what do we owe this pleasure?”

  “Is Mom with you?” I ask Harlow, peering around behind them.

  “No,” he says. “That’s what I came to talk to you about.”

  I nod. It seems everyone has been concerned about Mom lately, myself included.

  “Okay,” I say, pointing at the couch with a twinge of guilt, realizing it’s where Riley and I just made love, and hoping we didn’t leave any evidence— or bodily fluids— behind. “Sit down. Let’s chat.”

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