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Dinosaur Dreams (Indian Trail's Book 1)

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Dinosaur Dreams (Indian Trail's Book 1)

  Dinosaur Dreams

  By: David Charles Leitner

  International Author

  Dedicated to my family.

  Those living, as well as past.

  All rights reserved.

  Copyright 2005 by David Charles Leitner

  No part of this book may be reproduced or

  transmitted in any form or by any means,

  Electronic or mechanical including photocopying,

  recording, or by any information storage and retrieval

  system, without permission in writing from the writer

  or publisher.

  Cover Art by Luis Royo

  provided by www.gdpit.com

  History provided by www.wikipedia.com

  All characters in this book are purely the imagination of the author and

  are not meant to represent and/or misrepresent anyone real or

  imaginative in any way, shape or form.

  Thanks to my family and friends for all the support, and encouraging me to follow my dreams.






  Alitta -Scientist and Paleontologist for Science Center in Washington D.C.

  Sabio -Leader of guerilla fighters in Brazil

  Franchesca -Sabio’s wife

  Paul -Franchesca’s son

  Sojurn -warrior and guardian of eastern tribes

  Guia -Shaman of eastern tribes, Sojurn’s great, great grandmother

  Horhay –Great Eagle King

  Onja-daughter of deposed queen

  Josefina-Queen of western tribes

  Alitta Sophia Alejandra Vasquez could feel the tickle of feathers against her face as her body was slowly bounced along. With the wind blowing through her long light brown hair that was so light that it was almost blonde, she felt as if she was flying.

  Only the thudding of large feet which accompanied each jarring foot fall that sent waves of pain through her shoulder and skull spoke otherwise.

  Where was she? The last thing that she remembered was sifting through the ruins of an ancient city located in the mountains north west of Riberalta Bolivia. She’d crossed over from Guayaramerin Brazil like the farmer who had found the site by accident as he went to a higher elevation to try and grow crops in a richer soil environment. The perfectly flat plateau that he’d found had unearthed some stone ruins when he had gone to plow it up.

  At first Alitta thought she was upon the back of a camel, like during her trip to Egypt, but that didn’t account for the feathers in her face nor the mild yet not unpleasant odor. It was a unique smell and there were no camels in South America as far as she knew.

  With the farmers help she had found the ruins of what could only possibly be an entire city that had been buried by a mudslide. Fate had led her to find the necklace as well and she’d marveled at it in the rays of the afternoon sun.

  It was an eagle pendant made of white, yellow and rose gold about three and a half inches tall and two wide. Bottle green eyes caught the sun sparkling along with the claws and feathers. The light kissed its surface as she had whipped the rich dark soil off of it seeming to call to the Paleontologist as she removed it from its resting place.

  It was surprisingly warm to the touch for something that had probably been buried for centuries and Alitta found that she couldn’t draw her eyes from it.

  The craftsmanship was of the highest quality equal to any jeweler’s work that she had ever seen. The many facets of the emerald eyes seemed to captivate all of her thoughts as fully as any psychosomatic drug could.

  An eagle’s cry from high above cut through to Alitta breaking the spell and the scientist shook her head to clear the cobwebs that had so quickly formed there. Instinctively she slipped the medallions chain over her head then continued to dig even more excitedly then she had before finding the fragment of pottery only two days prior which she had gauged to be over three and a half thousand years old. Only carbon dating would tell for sure, until then it was just an inconclusive hunch.

  By the end of the day she had not only the first pottery shard, but the medallion and a few more pieces that showed the vase to have stood about seventeen inches high and eight inches at its widest. Other then what looked to be a double mountaintop etched into one of the pieces of pottery, the rest was bare.

  Carefully she and Horacio packed up the fragments then headed back to the other little clearing that they had set up the two tents and fire ring.

  At first the farmer had not wanted to be part of her little dig, but the two hundred American dollars had quickly transformed him into a most attentive assistant. Once a week he would take the mule and go down the mountainside to the few huts that made up his town. He picked up supplies there then returned until more were needed.

  “Well, well, well, what have we here?” came a suave yet harsh toned voice as the two of them entered the little clearing. Two old jeeps that had been painted several decades earlier sat next to the tents as six dirty men stood about the edges of the little clearing.

  All of them were armed with automatic rifles or held shotguns casually as they eyed her hungrily. “Bandito’s.” Horacio whispered catching the attention of the one who had spoken and was obviously the leader of this ragtag group.

  “Se, but we prefer to be called freedom fighters or mercenaries. They have a nice ring to them don’t you think?” he asked Alitta as he walked close enough to probably feel her heart pounding in her chest.

  Her assistant pulled her gently back and stepped between her and the bandit leader protectively as he began talking with the man very quickly in Spanish. The once handsome man did not take his eyes off her, but stood listening to the old man as he explained the reason for them being here.

  Alitta had been slowly backing up and suddenly bumped into two more men that had stepped out of their hiding spots in the bushes. They now blocked any chance of her escape. “Enough! Silence peasant!” the leader said to Horacio as he pushed him aside and strode up to the light haired female.

  Reaching out, he ran his fingers through her hair laughing as she pulled away in disgust and anger. Lifting them to his nose, the rebel leader inhaled deeply with his men chuckling as a look of lust came across his face.

  “So, you come onto my lands; use the labor of my serfs…” he indicated to Horacio. “…dig up my ancestral burial grounds and have the nerve to offer me no tribute in return?” “We have permission from the interior minister of…” “You did not get my permission!” he bellowed cutting her off. “It’s all right here in my pocket…” Alitta began but he cut her off again with a raised hand. The two men behind her grabbed her arms and held her with grips of iron that surely put bruises on them. “Hey! Let me go!” she demanded struggling in vain to escape from them.

  It was at this time that Horacio came over to try and save her but he was hit upside of the head by a rifle butt then kicked several times while he lay on the ground dazed. “Leave him alone! Who are you” she demanded struggling harder than before.

  “I am Sabio.” he answered with a half rotted grin as if it should mean something to her as he put his hand into her shirt pocket more intent on feeling her up then getting out the legal documents.

  “Stop it!” Alitta cried out as he squeezed her nipple hard bringing forth a gasp which made his men laugh all that much harder. Her foot shot out involuntarily catching him hard in the jewels forcing him to see her way temporarily.

  Stomping down on one of the men’s foot who held her, she flung her head back catching the other off guard. A satisfying crunch of cartilage could be heard as both let out a how
l releasing her.

  “Go, run! Vaminous!” Horacio called out to her seeing the conflict in her eyes as to whether she should try and save him or bolt. Nodding once, she took off into the woods intent on escaping and getting help. Alitta hadn’t gone fifty meters when she was tackled to the ground from behind. Kicking and screaming she fought trying to get free even using her nails to rake the face of the man who held her. A solid knee to her stomach landed knocking the wind out of her along with the fight as she was dragged back into the clearing by her hair.

  The American was lifted up and held tighter by strong hands once again as they were not taking any chances this time. A vicious backhand snapped her head back dazing her as the leader stood looking annoyed. “You have made your last mistake.” Sabio promised her. His hot breath in her face nearly made the Paleontologist gag. “Before I am done with you, you will beg for your life. But first, you’ll entertain me and my men.” Happy cheers erupted from those around her.

  “Sabio will treat you to what a real man is capable of my little Lolita.” came his proclamation. “I’m going to enjoy making you scream.” he said, his foul breath blasting her in the face only inches away from hers as his hand groped her through her jeans.

  No matter what she did, Alitta could not break free of the three men’s grip. “Take her to the largest tent.” he told the men. “When I’m thru with you my dear, those that you offended get to go second.”

  The paleontologist’s screams echoed in the mountains as she was carried off into the tent. A single rifle shot ended Horacio’s protests leaving Alitta all alone with the bandits.


  Sabio sat back bare chest looking at the American. He’d just finished slowly unbuttoning her blouse and pants enjoying her cries for help as he snaked his tongue into her mouth the way he had planned on invading other places. That was until he saw between her voluptuous perky mounds a necklace of gold hanging. It wasn’t the necklace itself, but the large pendent that hung from it that had caught his attention.

  She sat there heaving with exhaustion making it rise and fall like a boat on the waves of an ocean. His fingers reached out and gently touched the two toned eagle with its jeweled eyes brushing against her soft flesh.

  Only the Lolita’s pulling away from his hand broke the spell that had been placed upon him. “Jesus! Julio!” he called out still holding her one thigh with his left hand as he continued to look at the medallion. “Yes Jefe?” came the duel reply as the two named henchmen came in ready to go at her. “We decided to share her Jefe so neither one has to go third.” they said in Spanish staring at her bare chest. The young woman pulled her blouse back over her chest as she looked from one to the other waiting to see what would happen.

  “You two go back to the compound and bring the teacher. Jesus, you bring the lock box in my quarters.” “But Sabio, we didn’t get to sample her yet.” they complained like six year olds. “Go now or I’ll kill you myself dogs!” he barked at them standing up between them and the American female threateningly.

  “Yes Boss.””Se Jefe.” came their defeated replies as they exited the tent. Sabio went back over and sat down on the cot beside her. She flinched as his hand reached over and he put both palms out to show that he now meant her no harm. She relaxed a bit and lifted up the charm holding it close examining it. The jeep had left and in what seemed like only a half hour or so it returned through the forest stopping outside of the tents.

  Sabio looked up once more and then began buttoning the woman’s blouse back up getting a surprised look from her. Only two buttons remained as Jesus and Julio returned joined by a third man who didn’t look to be in any better shape then she with the bandits. Jesus set the lock box down on the cot and Julio pushed the other man closer.

  “What do you make of this Paul Guzman?” Sabio asked pointing to the female’s chest. “You dragged me here for this?” he complained. “Answer the question!” Julio said smacking him upside the head. “Enough!” Sabio told his henchmen. “Well?” he demanded again indicating Alitta.

  “About a 34D, Why?” “Actually I’m a 38D thank you.” the American said fiestily. “I beg your pardon lady but that blouse isn’t the most flattering for your figure.” “Oh and who the hell do you think you are? I suppose that you’d rather see me in some skimpy bikini or half shirt and short shorts?” she shot back.

  “Well not here in the mountains of course, but maybe along the coast it would be better attire.” “Well you can just shove your male chauvinistic…” “Male chauvinistic, me?” “Yes you standing there ogling my breasts…” “Hey that’s what I was apparently brought here for…” “And you’re loving every minute of it…” “Well yes. You do have a nice rack…” “Rack! What do you think I am a friggin deer? Were all adults here, well most of us.” the spirited American said looking at the others. “You can say breasts or boobs or…” “I didn’t want to offend a lady…” “Offend a lady? Like staring at her Rack isn’t enough to do that?” “Hey, I’m only doing what I’m told to save the food supplies of the locals and…”

  “Enough! Silence the both of you!” Sabio yelled interrupting the chatty female banter that had used up the past several minutes. “I don’t care what either of you think. Here.” he told Paul lifting up the woman’s shirt exposing her for all to see.

  “What I want to know is about this.” he said pointing to the eagle medallion that was still hanging from the chain between her breasts. Dropping her shirt back down, he pulled forth the medallion silencing her protests at “…being put on display like a common hoochie girl in a whore house.” “Hoochie girl?” Paul asked her with one eyebrow raised. “What?” she asked ready to argue more. “You need to get out more.” he told her teasingly.

  Sabio slapped his hand over her mouth stopping the stream of words that would inevitably just give him more of a headache then he already was getting from their mincing words.

  “They are very nice 38D’s.” the younger man said trying to make amends. “Oh shut up before I have you shot.” Sabio said in disgust as he held out the pendent for Paul to look at. Glass’s were pulled out of his pocket and he leaned close taking the necklace so that he could examine it. “You smell really nice.” he told her before looking at the pendant. “Now let’s see what we have shall we?”

  “Get on with it.” Sabio told him getting more annoyed by the minute. “Yes, of course…hmm…Holy crap!” “What?” “I read about this back at school in one of the national geographic magazines.” by the look on the mercenaries face he had better get to the point and quickly.

  “It’s not just some nice trinket, if you will, or an expensive heirloom. If I’m correct then this is the real McCoy.” he could tell that his audience was starting to wan so hurriedly got to the point.

  “You know the stories of Montezuma, the Fountain of Youth, the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas and even the Killkee who predated them giving birth to the other civilizations right.” Sabio, his two henchmen and even the pretty Americans curiosities had been peeked as they looked at him hanging on his every word.

  “This talisman may be from them if I’m correct.”

  “So you’re saying it’s worth more than just the price of the gold trinket?” Sabio asked eyeing the necklace and woman who was wearing it.

  “Of course, why it could be priceless to the right museum.” “Or rare antiques broker.” Sabio put in with a malicious grin. “Uhm …well yes you could say that though it is part of history that should be shared with all.” Paul said almost quietly. The mercenary leader was no longer listening as he mentally calculated what he could do with such wealth.

  “Jesus, Julio, get the men loaded up and lets go back to the compound.” “You, “he said pointing at Paul, “get her into the jeep or I’ll have my men do it.” he said exiting the tent carrying the steel box. “I’m sorry but I must do as he says.” the younger man apologized as he gently put his arms around the petite female and lifted her up over his shoulder.

  It was obvious that h
e was a bit uncomfortable and so she wriggled against him just for fun. “So, what’s in the tool box?” Alitta asked in his ear letting her hot breath tickle his neck. “You really don’t want to know. Trust me.” “Do I have a choice? Besides, so far you’re the only one who hasn’t tried to use me like a whore.”

  The teacher carried her out to the vehicle and gently placed her into the back seat. Climbing in beside her, he sat patiently looking around as the two tents and all of the supplies were loaded onto the flatbed truck.

  “Let’s go, vamanos!” Sabio called out as he climbed into the driver’s seat. Another guard got in the passenger seat and the leader put the jeep in gear and sped off. Rocks and mud peppered the surrounding foliage as they shut off into the jungle on little more than a lama path smashing down smaller trees and bushes.

  Arriving back at what Sabio called the compound, Alitta looked at the little building surrounded by a makeshift fence amongst the trees. Each thick branch was hooked to the trees with thick vines making a corral around the narrow two story dilapidated house that had been built directly against the mountainside.

  The vehicles slowed as three men came out of concealment and pushed a tree that was three foot in diameter and almost forty foot long that made up the gate. Sabio shot through the opening heading straight for the house without slowing. A hole opened up revealing a tunnel which they raced into.

  Alitta took note of the large canvas which had covered the opening and had been painted to look like the rock and part of the building. The other two vehicles followed filling the tunnel with the roar of the engines. Narrow railroad tracks were straddled by the jeeps tires as they raced thru the dark tunnel as it twisted left, right and then back again.

  They emerged into a high ceilinged cavern skidding to a halt in front of a split rail fence where donkeys had probably been tethered. The glow of many torches illuminated the whole area revealing five three story buildings that could have been built in any old mining town in the western part of the U.S.

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