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Angel's Destiny

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Angel's Destiny


  Angel’s Destiny

  Dawn Sullivan

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by means mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission from the author. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and events are fictitious in every regard. Any similarities to actual events or persons, living or dead are purely coincidental. Any trademarks, service marks, product names or featured names are assumed to be the property of their respective owners and are used only for reference. There is no implied endorsement if any of these terms are used. Except for review purposes, the reproduction of this book in whole or in part, mechanically or electronically, constitutes a copyright violation. Published in the United States of America in April 2017; Copyright 2017 by Dawn Sullivan. The right of the Author’s Name to be identified as the Author of the Work has been asserted by them in accordance with The Copyright, Designs and Patent Act of 1988.

  Published by Dawn Sullivan

  Cover Design: Dana Leah with Designs by Dana

  Photographer: Shauna Kruse-Kruse Images & Photography

  Models: Brendon Charles and Allison Murphy

  Copyright 2017 © Author Dawn Sullivan

  Language: English



  RARE: Rescue And Retrieval Extractions

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  This one is for all of you who have been waiting for Chase and Angel’s story. I hope you love it as much as I do.

  RARE: Rescue And Retrieval Extractions

  * * *

  Angel: RARE Alpha, wolf shifter, strong telepathic

  * * *

  Nico: Angel’s right hand man, wolf shifter, telepathic, has the ability to see glimpses of the future

  * * *

  Phoenix: Human turned wolf shifter, telepathic, complete badass, loves anything that goes boom

  * * *

  Rikki: Human, kick ass sniper, touches objects that others have touched and gets visions of the past, present, and sometimes the future

  * * *

  Jaxson: Wolf shifter, telepathic, RARE’s technology expert

  * * *

  Trace: Black panther shifter, telepathic, badass sniper

  * * *

  Storm: Wolf shifter, strong telepath, has the ability to see into the future

  * * *

  Ryker: Bear shifter, telepathic

  * * *

  Flame: Telepathic

  * * *

  Bane: Wolf shifter, telepathic (other gifts unknown at this time)

  * * *

  Sapphire: Wolf shifter, telepathic, has the ability to see into the future (other gifts unknown at this time)


  Angel stood outside of Chase Montgomery’s house, her hand raised to knock, but she hesitated. She knew he was home. She could feel him near. Her pulse quickened and her body began to heat up at the thought of being close to him. She wanted to talk to him, needed to hear his voice before she left in a couple of hours on her mission with RARE, but hated feeling so damn weak.

  Suddenly, the door opened and he stood before her. Chase, alpha to the White River Wolves, father to the two little girls they had basically adopted together the year before, and her mate. A mate she refused to let claim her, even though they had both been in hell for a year now. “Are you going to stand out here all night, or do you want to come in and say goodbye to the girls?”

  “Goodbye?” Angel asked in confusion, letting her gaze wander from the bright blue of his eyes, down to the hard angle of his unyielding jaw and firm lips pressed into a thin line. Lips she wanted to trace with her tongue, along with the rest of him.

  “I am assuming that’s why you’re here? It’s after their bedtime, and you never come by this late unless you are leaving.” There was no give in his voice. No compassion. He stared at her, his face an emotionless mask.

  Swallowing hard, she met his gaze. He was right. She’d come to see the girls before she left, but they weren’t the only ones. She couldn’t tell him that, though. “Yes, we leave soon.”

  Chase stepped back, holding the door wide open for her. Anyone else would have thought he was being a gentleman, but she knew the truth. He was putting distance between them because he didn’t want her to touch him. No contact. It was a rule of his. He had set boundaries because the feel of her skin on his drove him insane. It was something he repeated over and over to himself when she was near, forgetting she could hear his thoughts. “Go on up,” he said gruffly. “I will be in the kitchen.”

  “Thank you.” Angel walked by him quickly, then took the stairs two at a time up to the girls’ bedroom. Opening the door quietly, she slipped silently inside. The moonlight shone in through their window, landing on Hope’s face, where she lay curled into a small ball on the edge of her bed. Crossing the room, a small smile turned up the corners of Angel’s mouth as she murmured, “I love you, baby girl.” Leaning over, she kissed her gently on the forehead, and then rose to go to Faith.

  “Hey there.” Faith was awake, and looking at her with wide, questioning eyes. Kneeling down beside her, Angel gently brushed a long, blonde curl away from her little girl’s cheek. “I have to go away for a week or two, sweetheart, but I will be back just as soon as I can,” she whispered.


  “You better believe it.” Kissing her softly on the top of the head, Angel whispered, “Now get some sleep. I will be back before you know it.”

  The child watched her closely for a few minutes, her eyes slowly drifting closed when she was unable to fight the pull of sleep any longer. Angel waited until she heard soft snores coming from both girls before leaving the room. Heading back down the stairs, she paused at the bottom of them, before turning toward the kitchen. As much as she wanted to sneak out, she couldn’t fight it. She needed to see Chase one last time.

  He was at the counter washing off a plate, as he stared out of the window above the sink, into the darkness. She knew the moment he detected her presence, because he stiffened, a shudder running through his body. “Are the girls asleep?”

  “They are now.”

  Chase set the plate down carefully in the sink, wiping his hands on a dishtowel next to him before turning to look at her. Angel didn’t realize how close she had gotten to him until she saw his eyes darken with desire, his nostrils flaring as he breathed her scent in deeply. “You better go,” he muttered, even as he took a step toward her.


  “Get the fuck out of here now, Angel,” he snarled, “before I forget that you don’t want me.”

  Remorse filled her at his words, and she sucked in a quick breath at the pain they caused. But she wasn’t the only one suffering. Taking a step forward so their bodies almost touched, she lifted her hand up, resting her palm on his cheek. “It isn’t that I don’t want you, Chase,” she whispered. “I just…”

  Chase didn’t give her a chance to finish the sentence. Gra
sping her hips tightly, he brought her body flush up against his, groaning loudly as he lowered his head and claimed her mouth, tracing her lips with his tongue, and then sliding past them before she knew what was happening. A soft cry left her as she tunneled her fingers into his thick, dark hair, tangling her tongue with his. She knew it was wrong, knew she shouldn’t be doing this with Chase right now, but she couldn’t stop herself. She needed him, needed to feel his body against hers, in hers. She had wanted him for so long.

  Chase growled lowly, releasing her mouth as he slid his hands under her ass and lifted her up, the evidence of his desire pressing into her heat, until she wrapped her legs around his waist and held on. “Give me this, Angel,” he demanded. “Just now. I won’t ask for anything more.”

  Her breasts heaved as she tried to regain her breath, and she moaned at the feel of his hard cock against her aching core. She wanted this, and she was beyond thinking of a reason why they couldn’t have at least a small part of each other. “No biting.”

  “No biting,” he agreed, even though she could tell that he didn’t want to. No, he wanted to sink his teeth into her skin and claim her, but he would accept her stipulations, because he wanted to be buried balls deep inside of her even more. His eyes glowed brightly as he turned and walked out of the kitchen, her body still wrapped around his, making his way down the hallway to the spare bedroom. “Don’t want to wake the girls,” he explained, kicking the door shut behind them.

  Digging her fingers into his hair, Angel pulled him back down to her, moaning when he took over, nipping at her bottom lip before sucking it into his mouth. She felt his hands at her waist, yanking her shirt from her jeans, and she leaned back so that he could slide it up and over her head. She didn’t know what happened to it after that, and she didn’t care.

  Angel let her legs slide down from his waist and stood there as Chase quickly removed her boots, then her jeans. A slow grin appeared when his gaze ran the length of her body, taking in her matching light blue bra and underwear set. “Perfect,” he rasped. Angel knew she was far from perfect, but the way he said it made her feel as if she was.

  Angel felt her fangs pressing against her gums, her wolf fighting to get free and claim what was rightfully hers. The bitch had done it once before, marking Chase against his will. She wouldn’t do that to him again. Angel allowed her claws to extend, swiping at his shirt and tearing it to shreds. Leaning in, she licked at one of his nipples, scraping it with her teeth before moving onto the other. Chase groaned, sinking his hands into her hair, clutching it tightly as he guided her down lower. Angel licked her way down his stomach, and lower still, as she dropped to her knees and quickly got rid of the jogging pants he wore. She licked her lips when his thick, hard cock sprang free, her mouth watering at the sight. “Mine,” she growled, reaching out to encircle it with her hand, rubbing her thumb over the tip, and then flicking it with her tongue.

  “Fuck, Angel,” Chase muttered, tightening his grip in her hair, holding her still. She looked up at him, seeing his wolf in his eyes, knowing he wanted more than she was willing to give him that night. No, she could not allow him to claim her, but she would give him this. Running the tip of her tongue up one side of his straining erection, she rolled her tongue around the top, then closed her mouth and sucked him deep inside, reveling in the barely restrained power running through him. Pulling back, she licked the tip, before sliding her mouth all of the way down again as far as she could go, then back up, moving slowly.

  Chase let her have control at first, but then he took over, holding her still as he began to move. She cupped his balls, tugging lightly, moaning as he thrust faster and faster. Suddenly, he stopped, pulling free of her mouth. “I’ve been waiting a long time for this,” he growled. “I’ll be damned if I am going to finish in your mouth.”

  Angel’s eyes widened at the fierceness in his voice, and she rose slowly, gasping when he picked her up and stalked to the bed. Tossing her on it, he quickly followed, prowling his way up to her. “Chase!” she gasped, when he used a claw to slice her underwear from her, her bra quickly following.

  Covering her mouth with his, he settled between her legs, his straining cock finding her wet heat. She moaned as he slowly began to enter her, need coursing through her. “Damn, you are so fucking tight,” he groaned, his arms trembling as he held himself above her.

  Angel knew he was trying not to hurt her, but her body was on fire. She needed to feel him deep inside, moving with her. Digging her nails into his ass, she thrust upwards, throwing her head back and gasping as pure pleasure rushed through her. Chase grunted her name as he settled over her and began to move. Angel’s fangs punched through her gums, and her eyes locked on his neck where she’d left her mark months before. She wanted to bite him again, even though she knew it wasn’t right. She wanted to re-enforce her claim on him.

  “Do it,” he growled, his own fangs evident. “Bite me, Angel.”

  “No,” she whispered, raking her nails down his back as the pressure began to build inside her, pure pleasure rolling through her as he thrust again and again. “I won’t do that to you again.”

  “Fucking do it,” he ground out, grabbing the back of her head and pulling her to him. “I need it,” he groaned. “Angel…”

  It was a plea, one she could not ignore, even though she knew it was unfair to him. Opening her mouth, she licked her fangs, panting lightly as she hovered over his shoulder. A shudder ran through her as she ran her tongue over his skin. She felt him tense in anticipation, and then she lost the fight, sinking her teeth in deep, unable to hold back any longer. Chase roared as he came hard, thrusting deep, once, twice, and then Angel flew apart underneath him. She felt his mouth on her neck, sucking hard on her skin, before raking his fangs across it, but he never once broke the skin. Even in the aroused state he was in, he still kept his promise.

  They lay in silence afterwards, Chase holding her close as he gently ran his hand down her long hair and over her back. Her eyes drifted shut and she snuggled into him, loving how he felt next to her. If only life was different, she could have this every day. But it didn’t do any good to think about what could have been. It didn’t change the way things were.

  Angel waited until Chase’s breathing evened out, and his hand on her back stilled, before slowly moving out of his arms. Leaving the bed, she found her clothes and got dressed quickly, all the while wishing she could stay, but knowing it was impossible. When she was ready, she went back to the bed for one last look at the man she loved with all of her heart, but refused to let claim her until she knew her children were safe from the evil that stalked all of them. Leaning over, she brushed one last kiss on his lips before slipping out of the room without a word.


  The General stood in front of the fireplace in his large, six-bedroom house in Washington. He owned several places throughout the world, but had to be very careful because RARE seemed to be finding them slowly, one-by-one. He moved often, at least once, and sometimes twice, a week. The only place he had really felt safe was in Alaska, but somehow they’d even managed to find him there. He didn’t know how for sure, but he did have his suspicions. It did not matter though. Soon he would have their leader right where he wanted her. She would be begging him for mercy, on bended knee. Because very soon, he would have something she treasured more than life itself. Her children. Not just the one that was taking care of some business for him in California right now, but all of them. Jade, the daughter he had managed to kidnap from Angel so long ago, just to have the bitch find and rescue her the year before. The little she-wolf was more like her mom than he’d realized, and he wanted her back. He did not care if she had a mate. He would give her a new one. The mate bond could be broken. He was sure of it. His scientists had been working on finding a way for the past twelve years, and he knew they were getting close. She would be the perfect subject for them to experiment on.

  He was also going to take those little twin brats Angel had found when she raid
ed one of his facilities. He knew she claimed them as her own children, which only made his plans that much sweeter. The bitch had stolen them from him. They were his, and he was taking them back.

  They would all be punished for leaving him. They needed to learn to obey him. They had no choice. He was their God, and they were his puppets. Just like everyone else under his thumb. Even Angel’s son. A shudder ran through the General when he thought of Jinx. The man had power, like nothing he had ever seen before. He needed to keep Jinx on his side, so he’d decided to give him a present soon. One he couldn’t refuse. Something to keep him occupied, and happy to do the General’s bidding. And if it didn’t work out, there were always the iron cells deep in the earth in D.C. where he kept his most prized possessions, including a woman who intrigued him like no other.

  The General laughed as he watched the loudly crackling fire in front of him, loving how the flames burned brightly in a beautiful red, yellow, and orange pattern. It reminded him of another Flame, one with fiery red hair, and an attitude to match. He’d lost her to that bitch, Angel, too. Along with many more that he wanted back, like Serenity. He knew she was pregnant with Phoenix’s baby. An evil grin stole across his face as he thought about what a prize that child would be. He would have them all back, he vowed. Every last one of them. First, he would start with Angel’s children, then Angel herself, and when he had them, the rest of them would come. They would all be his.

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