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A Matter of Priorities

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A Matter of Priorities

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  A Matter of Priorities

  ISBN # 978-1-78651-605-3

  ©Copyright Jon Keys 2017

  Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright August 2017

  Edited by Jamie D. Rose

  Pride Publishing

  This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form, whether by printing, photocopying, scanning or otherwise without the written permission of the publisher, Pride Publishing.

  Applications should be addressed in the first instance, in writing, to Pride Publishing. Unauthorised or restricted acts in relation to this publication may result in civil proceedings and/or criminal prosecution.

  The author and illustrator have asserted their respective rights under the Copyright Designs and Patents Acts 1988 (as amended) to be identified as the author of this book and illustrator of the artwork.

  Published in 2017 by Pride Publishing, Think Tank, Ruston Way, Lincoln, LN6 7FL, UK

  Pride Publishing is a subsidiary of Totally Entwined Group Limited.


  Jon Keys

  After being disowned by his family, Cooper judged his self-worth by his latest hook-up. But circumstances change as he learns about true love.

  Cooper Dias is a better-than-average college student with a major in architecture and a love of dogs. But while he plays the role of campus playboy, he believes no one would care enough to worry about him—except his best friend Liam. His expectations are simple—searching for the latest hook-up. His newest obsession is his professor, Lucas Nyman, who has asked Cooper to work as part of the team for an out-of-class project, which he eagerly accepts.

  At a celebratory evening at Professor Nyman’s home, Cooper is invited to fulfill his latest fantasy—a ménage à trois with the professor and his husband. But the fun turns into something much weightier when pillow talk turns into friendly advice from the pair whose bed Cooper has shared. After a close call that leaves Cooper shaken and a confession from Liam, Cooper begins to realize that life is not as he thought.

  Trademarks Acknowledgement

  The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of the following wordmarks mentioned in this work of fiction:

  Cujo: Stephen King

  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Viacom International Inc.

  Speedo: Speedo International Limited

  Olympics: United States Olympic Committee

  Chapter One

  I breathed a sigh of relief. I’d gotten a few minutes of much-needed rest when my design class was dismissed early, giving me the time to get an iced coffee and relax. In the past few months the area around the coffee shop had been converted into a collection of overstuffed chairs, low tables and glass-walled meeting rooms with the idea of serving the changing expectations of contemporary college students. But it also meant it was an area bustling with activity, and it took a few minutes to find a cozy chair nestled into one dim corner. The semi-private corner was perfect for my current favorite hobby—checking out hot men.

  As I sipped at the coffee, I started studying the local scenery. After a minute or so I was disappointed by what I was finding—saggy-ass guys, some with no butts and even less with any indication of the size of the package they were carrying. My cup was half emptied when the prospects took a definite turn for the better. Not a typical college student, this hunk was sporting a tapered shirt that showed off a perfectly framed, round, muscular butt. At least he hit all the check boxes on my hot-guy list.

  He stepped into the omnipresent line at the shop and I got a good look at the man who was rapidly becoming my lust of the day. But the biggest surprise came when he turned to the side. It appeared as though someone had stuck half a melon in the front of what would have already been decent jack-off material. When he shifted his weight, it seemed like something alive was moving in his pants.

  Fuck! What’s he packing?

  The draw to the guy’s junk was like the call of a doughnut topped with bacon after spending the weekend with some vegan friends. Images of cock flashed through my head. My porn collection was extensive, but not many men packed enough meat for their dick to crawl down their thigh.

  I watched for several minutes until the guy with a python in his pants disappeared down the other side of the hallway. I ran my tongue over my lips and realized two things. First, I had finished my drink and class would be starting soon. Second—and more of a problem to me—I now sported a pretty good woody myself and wasn’t sure how to mask my excitement. Time to wrap this up. I don’t need to be late.

  Holding my bag in front of me, I darted into the packed hallway with the hope no one would notice. A minute later I walked into the classroom and headed for my spot. It was funny. The professor didn’t assign seats but everyone acted like he had. When someone sat in a different place, it screwed everyone up. Most people are such followers.

  I dropped into my chair, tossing my bag between my feet. I unzipped it, dug around then pulled out my notebook. I clicked my pen, ready for the avalanche of notes Dr. Nyman always seemed to generate. But my goal today was to not daydream about those packed jeans. You’d think I could keep from drooling over his well-muscled ass. About that time, Liam, my roommate and best bud, landed in the seat beside me. He grinned, tucked his hair behind one ear and pulled out his notes. Liam’s bright smile glowed when he turned toward me.

  “Hey, Coop. How’s it hanging?”

  “Long and to the left. And you?”

  “Hard and down the center, like always.”

  “Excellent to hear, Liam.”

  Before we could continue our banter, a snort came from behind us and I glanced back to see Morgan, the conscience of our trio, rolling her eyes.

  “What? Something twist your panties?” I asked.

  “Only that we’re sophomores in college and you two are still doing the same junior high crap.”

  Liam smirked. “It’s a guy thing. You’re just pissy because what’s-his-name dumped you.”

  Morgan puckered her lips until they looked like a hummingbird’s butthole. “I ditched Keith, not the other way around. And if you want to piss me off—”

  The chatter in the room died. I glanced back to find Dr. Nyman moving to the lectern. The students rushed to get ready, which silenced my two friends.

  “Afternoon, everyone.” He smiled and I swear he winked at me. “Glad to see you could sober up enough to make it.” There was a soft ripple of laughter. Most of the students liked Dr. Nyman and I wasn’t the only one with a huge crush on him. My thoughts drifted, but then I realized he was still talking.

  “Everyone picked a good day to come to class. I’m going over the roofing information you’ll need for this afternoon’s lab.”

  From that point on, the information bombardment was continuous. I focused on class instead of how Dr. Nyman looked. My attention remained riveted on the lecture until almost the end of the period. I let my thoughts drift back to the recent scene at the coffee shop and superimposed
it on my professor. By the time the final instructions had been distributed I was hard as a rock, and for the second time, there was no way I could stand without it being obvious my mind hadn’t been on the lecture.

  Stalling, I searched through my bag while I fought to think about anything other than the hot man who taught this class, but I couldn’t seem to get him off my mind. All I could think about was making out with Dr. Nyman.

  Stop it. This is not helping. I’m even harder now.

  I heard footsteps coming closer. I was one of the few people left in the classroom with the professor I lusted after. I didn’t dare glance up. But the steps halted and I did the forbidden—lost myself in Nyman’s sky-blue eyes.

  “You okay, Cooper? Anything I can help you with?”

  My macho posturing disappeared in a gnat fart and my only goal was to keep from embarrassing myself. In an unconvincing tone I said, “Nah, my shit just moved around.”

  He reached out, squeezed my shoulder and the sensation seemed anything but platonic. I might not have been an unbiased judge after all of the day’s events, though. A second or two that felt like hours passed before he lifted his hand. But as he began to move away, he gave me another squeeze. My thoughts were fuzzy as I stared into his eyes. He winked at me again. This time I was certain. Did I miss this whole winking thing before?

  Dr. Nyman shifted the class materials in his arms before climbing a few steps. He turned back. “We’re covering a lot during lab. Make sure you review everything I introduced this morning. You never can tell what I might ask.”

  With that, he took the steps two at a time and disappeared through the exit. Before the door could click shut, the next class began filling the seats. Still rock hard, I stood, holding my book bag against my bulging crotch and realized Liam was waiting for me as I worked my way through the incoming crowd. Once I’d gotten out of the room, I thought about ways to spend the break before my next class and smiled. Our apartment was nearby and I had just the solution.

  I leaned in close to Liam so I wouldn’t be overheard. “Hey, I’m horny as hell. We’ve got time before lab to blow off some steam. What do you think?”

  Liam gave me a grin that stretched across his face. “I’ll race you.”

  Chapter Two

  We sprinted across campus, needing relief. We’d known each other for years and enjoyed hot sex from time to time. Liam and I understood sex was sex and didn’t mean more than that we needed to get off. It wasn’t an exclusive thing for either of us. We’d each brought other guys back to the apartment to fuck like there was no tomorrow. But even then, Liam and I were best buds. I guess we would be considered friends with benefits.

  Liam had a sweet, slender body that never failed to send me spiraling into euphoria. I was ready to enjoy him again. When I glanced in his direction, the look on his face indicated he was thinking the same way. So far as I knew, neither of us had gotten off in the last couple of days, which meant we weren’t going to feel the need for chatty foreplay.

  I popped open our apartment door, drew Liam inside and brought him in for a passionate kiss. By the time it ended, we were panting. Filled with lust, I pulled Liam into his bedroom and started stripping him. In almost no time, bits of his clothing were strewn across the floor. I shoved him backward onto the unmade bed.

  I was rewarded by the sight of Liam sprawled naked with his hard cock jutting from his crotch. The sight of the good-looking young man on display urged me onward. In a matter of seconds, I dropped my shorts and underwear to the floor then stripped off my T-shirt, adding it to the pile.

  I eased onto the bed, crawling to Liam’s extended leg. I traced my fingers through the blond hair on his thigh, enjoying the light texture under my touch. Then I leaned closer and brushed my lips against his skin, kissing him with all the tenderness I could gather. It didn’t take much effort. He was my best friend, after all.

  Liam let out an almost inaudible sigh and looked back at me. He was adorable—watching me with hooded eyes, the curls on his head mussed in a way other guys spend hours trying to emulate.

  “That feels wonderful. I love it when you do that.”

  I ran my hand up the inside of Liam’s leg and cupped his balls. I stroked the silky skin as I kissed his hip. “Good, because we’re just getting started.” I moved higher, rubbing my hands over Liam’s back. After a pass or two, Liam began to squirm. I lay on top of him, kissing and nibbling along his neck. Then I slid my hands over his chest, found Liam’s nipples and ran my fingers across them.

  “Ah, fuck. That’s nice. Keep doing it.”

  I scooted higher and kissed along the edge of Liam’s ear. It took little time for his moans to grow louder. It wasn’t long before we were a writhing mass and both of our cocks reached high levels of rigidity. Liam rolled so we lay facing each other. I slipped in close and put my lips against his. I was a little surprised at the passion in Liam’s return kiss, but it left my thoughts as he chewed down my neck.

  He stopped, panting and stared into my eyes. “Turn around. I want to sixty-nine.”

  Drawn to the idea, I moved with Liam and soon had his ample cock dancing in front of me. I reached out with my tongue and Liam’s hot mouth engulfed my hard dick. The mixture was a delicious sensation that had me wanting more. I pressed deeper as Liam bobbed his head on my length while I swallowed more and more of his uncut cock.

  In a short time, we moved in unison and the electrical sensations of orgasm played across my body. I lost the thought of anything more than the pleasure I wanted to give Liam and the incredible feelings he created on my cock. Time became irrelevant while we devoured each other. While we writhed together and the warm sensations filled me, I became aware that I would empty myself into Liam soon. When he reached around and teased at my hole, the wave of orgasm washed over me. The tip of his finger popped inside and it drove me over the edge.

  “Oh. Fuck.”

  Liam surrounded me as I shot cum down his throat. I shuddered, the euphoria covering me. My muscles convulsed while my balls emptied themselves of several days’ worth of juice. After a few more swells of pleasure, my body gave a final squeeze and I collapsed.

  I lay gasping for air with Liam nursing my softening cock until it became too much. At that point, I pulled him to me and kissed him hard.

  “It’s your turn now,” I said.

  Liam let himself relax on the pile of pillows he had stuffed against the head of the bed. I crawled between his spread legs, kissing and nipping my way up them. By the time I reached his cock, it was rock hard.

  I pulled his foreskin between my teeth and tugged, focusing on Liam until pre-cum flowed from his cock in a steady stream. I gripped him and stroked the base while I wrapped my lips around his cockhead.

  The combination had him stretched wide across the bed as I worked him closer to his finale. Once his noises let me know he was close, I attacked one of his sweet spots. I moved lower and teased at the sensitive area below his balls.

  “Ah, fuck!” Liam yelled.

  The first strand of cum formed a loop across my face. I licked at his hot spot and got two shots of cum in my hair as a reward. The next few strands of white coated one side of my face until I sucked the last of the semen from his softening cock.

  “Oh, hell. I knew you’d relax me,” I said.

  He turned in my arms until we were scant inches apart and cupped my face in his hands. He again surprised me at the tenderness of his kiss. I began to say something when he put a finger to my lips.

  “Don’t talk. There’s no telling what you might blurt out and I want to remember this afternoon. Let’s shower. We can’t miss today’s lab.”

  I rolled over to check the time then jumped from the bed.

  “Damn it! Fifteen till. We gotta haul ass.”

  In an instant, we were digging through the pile of clothing, trying to remember what we’d been wearing a few minutes earlier.

  Chapter Three

  We had run across campus to get to our next class
but had slowed down once we were inside. We’d needed a few precious minutes to catch our breath. I slipped into the studio and found my way to the workbench I shared with Liam and Morgan. Liam ducked into the project storage area to grab our model so our entrance together would be a little less obvious. Hoping Dr. Nyman would be late, I settled on my stool. I also wanted to air out before anyone sat too close. I hoped that if I moved as far away from everyone else as possible, they wouldn’t be able to tell what we’d been doing.

  It didn’t do me any good.

  Morgan dropped her book bag at our feet and froze. She sniffed—first with a light touch then she leaned closer and sounded like a dog when it scented my crotch. She coughed then speared me with her gaze. “Boys. You are worse than some bitch in heat. Can you not keep it in your pants?”

  Warmth washed over my skin, but only for a second before I enjoyed the memory of Liam’s thick, veiny cock with my lips stretched around it. A grin covered my face and I winked at Morgan. “Sometimes I can keep it in my pants. Sometimes it’s just too good to keep behind a zipper.”

  Morgan rolled her eyes and sighed. “Well, Liam gets the middle spot. He can deal with you.”

  I smirked but kept my comments to myself. I refused to throw Liam under the bus. As if Morgan had called him, Liam appeared, tossed his bag onto the table and managed to look utterly clueless. He glanced at Morgan then me. “What’d you do this time?” he asked me.

  “Nothing…” I said with a grin.

  Liam turned so Morgan couldn’t see his face. It would seem he planned to take advantage of our situation. He glanced down my clothes and leaned closer, producing a theatrical sniff of my hair. He pulled back and smirked. “You dog! Getting a little between classes. You must have been primed for launch.”

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