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Book One (One Night Only): Inescapable, #1

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Book One (One Night Only): Inescapable, #1

  Inescapable: Book One (One Night Only)

  Katherine King

  Published by Katherine King, 2017.

  This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


  First edition. April 11, 2017.

  Copyright © 2017 Katherine King.

  ISBN: 978-1386879473

  Written by Katherine King.

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  Inescapable: Book One (One Night Only)

  Inescapable | Book One | (Previously Published as Short Story One Night Only) | By Katherine King

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  One Night Only, Book One of The Inescapable Series


  Book One

  (Previously Published as Short Story One Night Only)

  By Katherine King

  Sale of this book without a front cover may be unauthorized. If this book is coverless, it may have been reported to the publisher as “unsold or destroyed” and neither the author nor the publisher may have received payment for it.

  The Inescapable Series (One Night Only) is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is of the author’s imagination.

  Copyright © 2016 Katherine King Author

  All rights reserved.

  For Rebecca Fowler, my daughter & greatest accomplishment,

  and always my inspiration to accomplish my dreams. Because a mom is one of the greatest examples for a daughter –

  for her to follow her own dreams someday.

  Chapter 1


  The crowd goes wild in the warm California night as the band finishes with fireworks exploding up from the stage. From my vantage point beside the entrance to the Ferris wheel, I’m able to see over the heads of the crowd gathered but I’m too far away to be able to pick out anything about the band members’ facial features. From what I’d heard, they had sounded pretty good for an up and coming band.

  Sighing, I brace myself for the inevitable onslaught of customers now that the concert is over. Given it’s Halloween, the park will be open until midnight to allow extra time for celebrations, making it a long night for anyone working, but tonight I really don’t mind.

  I’m truly going to miss this place, - I think to myself as I smile to greet the first person approaching the entrance. Taking their ticket, the first of many yet to come, I unhook the chain to allow them entry.

  For the past five years of college, this place has been my social outlet while helping me to pay my tuition. I’d tried to keep this as a part-time job after starting my first day job in September but the long days of learning the ropes of an advertising executive assistant is making it impossible to keep up this pace. After much consideration, I’d mournfully decided that to excel in my new grown up job, I have to let go of the job that I started in my late teens, finally letting the last string of attachment to the days of my youth go.

  Giving my notice two-weeks ago had been hard but I’d consoled myself by making my last night of work Halloween. It was always great at the park on this special night. Visitors dressed up, happy to pretend to be someone else for this one day a year, came in throngs to enjoy the amusement park rides but also to take in the evening concert and the spectacular fireworks display immediately afterwards.

  And I had always loved the vibe on Halloween.

  The next couple of hours pass swiftly and I find myself longing to make time slow down, to not tick away the last of my minutes working here so quickly. When it’s time for the last ride of the night, I sigh heavily, and look up for a moment to look down the long line.

  My gaze becomes instantly riveted on one guy.

  His costume is simple with a black mask that covers his eyes and part of his nose, leaving his sensual mouth exposed. With his long, lean, toned body encased in a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans, I feel myself involuntarily flush.

  This guy has sex appeal that radiates from him, that just seems to reach out to me to immediately draw me in, and with his intent gaze boring into me, I feel myself uncontrollably responding in return.

  Lifting my chin, I tear my eyes away from him to continue looking down the line, firmly forcing myself to look past him, trying to mentally dismiss him, but a few short seconds later they inevitably come back to him.

  He grins knowingly.

  I quickly move my eyes away from the cocky bastard and focus them on the girl in the front of the line.

  "Next!" I shout with my eyes purposely trained on her, away from him, as I drop the chain to allow her access.

  The line continues and as I let people through, I’m aware that the sexy black masked guy is moving closer and closer. I deliberately focus my gaze on collecting tickets, not on looking up to see who is next.

  But my body feels, reacting of its own accord to his close proximity, when he’s next.

  “Hey," he murmurs softly upon reaching me, his tone deep and sensual, his voice reverberating throughout my body.

  "Ticket please," I force myself to say stoically.

  His right hand comes out to grasp mine and I jump while noticing a cross tattoo just over his thumb. His action has my startled eyes coming up to his.

  Such beautiful green eyes.

  "What time are you off?" he asks in a murmur.

  Clearing my throat, not quite understanding why I do, I respond, "This is the last ride of the night."

  Nodding, he says softly, "I'll be back," then he squeezes my hand before passing me his ticket with the other, causing me to notice the multitude of tattoos over each of his arms. When he releases me, it’s only then I realize my breathing is hitched. His smile is erotically gentle, like he knows I’m attracted, but also that I’m weary, as he turns from me to climb into the seat.

  As the wheel continues to move, moving him further and further up into the air as more people climb on, I find myself silently wishing I was with him. To
look out over the park, the crowd, but then to look skywards, and watch the stars, while having him next to me, pondering what the future would bring.

  Finally, the line-up of people is down to one and I let the last person through. The big wheel begins its tedious process of grinding to allow everyone the vantage point of feeling like they are on top of the world. As my mystery-masked guy is lowered, his gaze finds mine, holding it, until he is taken back up into the air again, cutting off our visual connection.

  But he always searches and holds my gaze each time he is lowered.

  As the big wheel grinds to a stop, allowing the first set of riders off, my heart picks up its beat...

  I could leave now, avoid him by taking off before he has a chance to exit the ride, but something keeps me here.


  As the wheel slowly turns to allow the next set of passengers off, my masked guy comes into view again. He holds my gaze until it’s his turn to exit the ride. I watch, feeling breathless, as he thanks Billy, the operator, as he steps off before heading over to where I’m standing.

  He doesn't hesitate as he takes my hand, threading his fingers through mine and then I watch, helpless, as he brings it up to his mouth for a soft kiss.

  I want to swoon.

  What guy born in this century thanks an amusement park operator and then strides confidently over to you, even though he doesn’t know you, to kiss the back of your hand?

  "Shall we go someplace?" he asks quietly.

  With my body on high alert, so highly attuned to him, I try to focus my brain.

  To think.

  "You're a stranger. I was always told never to go anywhere with a stranger," is my mumbled, stupid reply.

  He grins quickly as he teases, "I never said I was whisking you away to some place where we would be alone. I asked if you wanted to go somewhere, of your choosing."

  My cheeks flush further...

  And I feel like an idiot.

  With him still holding my hand, he gently gives me a tug, prompting me to move, for me to guide us to anywhere I want to go.

  "There's another way out, away from the crowds," I confide.

  "You lead, I'll follow," he replies gently.

  I guide him around the Ferris wheel onto a path that encircles the entire park, which allows employees to move around the park quickly instead of through the hordes of crowds. It’s relatively quiet, except for an occasional fellow employee who stops to wish me well, telling me they will see me tomorrow evening for my going away party.

  "You’re finishing here tonight?" the masked guy, walking next to me, holding my hand inquires.

  I nod.

  "What's your name?" he asks.

  I flush again, scolding myself that I’m walking and holding hands with a guy I just met, and I didn't even think to ask his name. I have seemed to have lost the ability to think; to simply put my thought processes together.

  "Cass," I reply.

  "Borden," he replies in turn.

  I nod, flustered.

  "Do you have another job, Cass?" he asks. Hearing my name on his lips sends a flush of desire straight through me.

  Clearing my throat, I answer, "Yes. I started as an advertising executive assistant in September."

  I force my mind to think, to stop looking down at our joined hands, to stop wondering how his hands would feel on me.

  Clearing my throat, I ask, "Do you have a job?"

  I lick my lips as I look up at him walking next to me. His long dark hair curled down around his strong neck is enticing. I immediately envision pulling his head down so that I could trace his jawline with my tongue.

  My nipples pucker and I flush.

  "I do," he admits but pauses slightly before continuing, "I'm a musician."

  "Are you any good?" I blurt out.

  He chuckles as he responds lightly, "Some people think I'm good."

  As we near the exit for the park, I suddenly have no idea what to suggest.

  Bringing him back to my place is out of the question, it's too forward.

  But it's what I want.

  "Do you have a car?" I ask.

  "Not with me," he replies softly.

  "Okay..." I stop in the parking lot, torn. I really shouldn't be in my car with a stranger I just met. He stops beside me, patiently waiting for me to make a decision.

  Flustered, awkward, I say, "I shouldn't offer to take you in my car."

  "No, you shouldn't," he replies. He stands quietly, still waiting so very patiently.

  He does nothing to persuade me in any direction, only stands there, looking hotter than any guy I’ve ever met, calmly waiting for me to decide.

  And I know immediately what I want.

  "Come on. This way," I say after a few more silent seconds, tugging on his hand lightly to lead him to my car.

  I hear him chuckle.

  I reach into my back pocket to pull out my car keys and press the unlock button. As the locks whir open, Borden reaches down to pull open the driver side door. I let go of his hand and settle myself behind the driver's seat, flushed once again at his gentlemanly ways.

  I watch as he crosses the front of my car to walk to the passenger side. I continue to watch as he slides in next to me, his jeans pulling even tighter.

  I can’t help but notice the large bulge between his legs.

  Shocked, I whip my head up to stare straight forward. Fumbling with my keys, I finally start my engine.

  We don't say much as I drive, and I realize he’s letting me make all the decisions, giving me complete control.

  I feel myself relax a little and I glance over at him, to find him staring at me intensely. He reaches out and places his hand on my jean clad thigh causing my muscles to jump underneath the material.

  Liquid seeps through my core.

  And I realize that I want him.

  Very badly.

  Whether it's my mind or my body that makes the decision, I take the turn towards my apartment building.

  We’ll just go for a late-night swim, - I convince myself silently.

  The drive doesn't take long and I see his eyes move to my face appreciatively as I pull into my parking space.

  His hand squeezes my leg in gentle reassurance as he says quietly, "Thank you for trusting me."

  I nod but admit, "We’re only going as far as the pool."

  He chuckles softly as he nods, his smile sexy, making my fingers itch to reach out and trace his sensual lips. He releases my knee and I try to bring my breathing back to normal. I watch as he opens his car door, focused on his long fingers and the cross tattoo as it flashes in the street light. He crosses to my side, opens my door for me as I wonder just where he came across his gentlemanly ways that are in direct contrast to his sexy, edgy looks. Reaching in to take my hand, he helps me from the car before swinging the door shut behind me.

  Confident now in having made the right decision, I lead him to the pool area.

  He takes a seat on a lounger before pulling me down next to him. My entire body feels more alive than it ever has. My breath hitches as he reaches up to brush my hair back over my shoulder, exposing my neck. His hand softly wraps around the back of my neck, his thumb grazing the pulse underneath my jawline. I’m sure he can feel how fast my pulse is throbbing.

  "So beautiful," he whispers as his eyes zero in and hold mine.

  I swallow thickly.

  "Are you going to take off your mask?" I ask quietly. I love the secrecy but I want to see his face more.

  I feel him stiffen slightly before he replies uneasily, "If you want."

  Wondering why he has become suddenly uneasy, I nod, wanting to know what he’s hiding.

  I watch as he reaches behind him, untying the mask, and as it falls from his face, I have my first full look at him.

  He is simply stunning.

  His gaze penetrates me, as if searching for something, as I reach up to touch his facial features.

  "You're the one that’s beautiful," I admit quiet
ly as I trace the slope of his cheek, down to his lips.

  Then, unable to stop myself, I lean forward to press my lips to his...

  It's purely electric.

  Chapter 2


  I feel my breath – hitching - coming out slowly as she leans back from me. Her simple kiss has a profound effect on me, one that I’ve never experienced before.

  And I’ve had tons of experience.

  I’d been concerned about removing my mask, afraid that she would recognize me, but I relax a little as I realize there’s no look of recognition on her face.

  I capture her gaze and unable to resist touching her, I reach back up with my hand to wrap it around the back of her neck again. I run my thumb underneath her jawline, then over her cheek, to her lips. Lightly grazing them, I watch as her mouth opens slightly, taking tiny gasps of air as her chest rises and falls.

  I slowly lean forward, and just before touching her lips, I whisper, "I know I don't know you, but I want you." I inhale and then exhaling softly, I add, "So bad."

  She seems to be caught in the same sensual snare as me, and with my heart pumping, I lean in to close the gap between us.

  Her soft lips, opening underneath mine causes my head to explode, my body instantly filling with lust. With my free hand, I pull her tighter to me and wait for a reaction, for any indication that she doesn’t want this because I already know that I’d do anything for this girl. When I feel her soften against me, her hands coming up into my hair, my heart trips at being given this gift of her.

  And suddenly, perhaps even stupidly, I want to be her everything.

  I deepen the kiss, tangling my tongue with hers, tasting her for the first time.

  I want more...

  So much more.

  But I also know I can’t offer her much more than tonight.

  Unable to stop myself, I gently push her down onto the lounger, my heart racing, my cock throbbing. Settling between her legs, I move my lips down to her neck, tasting her skin, allowing myself that small luxury, before coming up to whisper in her ear, "I think we should stop. Maybe go for a swim."

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