Clifton Falls

     L A Taylor

Clifton Falls

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF THE TOWN YOU LIVED IN WAS INVADED BY FLESH EATING ZOMBIES? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF A LOVED ONE TURNED OUT TO BE ONE OF THEM? An experimental fertilizer used to improve the food grown on a local farm in CLIFTON FALLS is now the reason behind why the dead are rising to feast on the living. Within a day bodies are piling up, but no one can work out how it's happened. The police force struggle to maintain the horde of ?blood crazed? killers as they battle the un-dead in the local HOSPITAL. Three months before the zombie outbreak the local bank was robbed, leaving one victim dead. The robbers worked at the hospital and so buried the cash inside the victim's coffin. Now they are back to dig up the cash before the police snoop around. Unknown to them, the living dead are rising from their graves, including the victim from the bank. Now the police have to fight the zombies before they cause havoc at the local holiday village. Can the Chief Inspector find a way of eliminating them before the virus spreads into the CITY and BEYOND?

About the Author

I live in a small town called Bedworth. It's not far from the city of Coventry, UK. I grew up watching horror movies, so maybe this is why I'm writing horror related stories. I love the old style movies of the 70's/80's, so I'm hoping to resurrect those movie ideas into my stories. We will see how it all pans out... M.D. - Morgue of the Dead was also released as - ZOMBIES (Morgue of the Dead) -Before finally having a complete facelift. It is now titled - CLIFTON FALLS & the cover art is different. The novel is an action packed, roller coaster ride that reads very much like a movie playing out on paper. That's the verdict of many readers of this novel. The feedback I've received from most readers of my zombie novel have all been the same, they felt like they were inside my story when they read it and my story was one of the best described action horrors that they'd ever read. I've got an Audio version ready for release, but I just need a company to sell it for me. And there's a script as well. The novel was split in half, so I'm hoping for 2 movie script ideas for this project. I've recently written a novel based on the old saying "night, night, sleep tight, and don't let the bedbugs bite." It's titled BEDBUGS (Can you see them?)It's based in the year 2050...The small town of Lemonsville has been left on its knees after a night of brutal murders. The local police chief is left stunned at the un-planned attacks and the killer is still at large. In 1977 Lemonsville was invaded by alien bugs, but their killing spree only lasted for one night. Now, 73 years later they are back to destroy mankind.... If you like violent horror, aliens, dark comedy, and sick action with some oddball characters then why not put it on your to read list. It should be released in digital form by early October 2012. You can read a sample of it & my zombie novel on my website - I'm now on page 75 of my latest novel based on killer rats, so I'm hoping to have it finished by early next year. I have many ideas in my little black book, or in my case, a little blue book, so I'm hoping to come up with other stories in the near future.. My aim is for readers to vision what I see when I write my stories. If I can achieve this then I am happy. I want to tell my stories to the world, write novels that are easy to follow and the reader becomes entangled in the crazy world of my mixed up mind.

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