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Beautiful Mistake: A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Serial (Demon Reverse Harem Book 1)

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Beautiful Mistake: A Paranormal Fantasy Romance Serial (Demon Reverse Harem Book 1)

  The one thing a tough demon-hunter needs is three sexy demons to ravish her body and protect her heart…

  Copyright 2017

  Published by Lacey Carter Andersen

  This work of fiction is intended for mature audience only. All characters are over the age of eighteen. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either a product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.


  This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America. Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material or artwork herein is prohibited without the express written permission of the author.

  To the man who inspires me each and every day—this story would have stayed buried forever without your support and encouragement.

  ~ Lacey Carter Andersen

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  Author’s Note

  Welcome to the world of “Demon Reverse Harem.” This series involves three hot demons and one demon-hunter. It has very hot sex scenes and a plot that will keep you turning the page. It’s a short break from reality, but well worth your time.

  ~ Lacey Carter Andersen

  Chapter One

  Concealing a murder is far more difficult than most people could possibly imagine.

  Greg Manthen tapped his pen against his desk, silently seething as he thought about the one thing that might reveal what he had done. The one piece of evidence he hadn’t considered.

  It simply needed to be dealt with. And his patience was wearing thin.

  Where is it? And what in God’s name is taking so long?

  When his assistant, Carson, lightly knocked at his door and entered, he glared at the older man without a word. Most men in Greg’s position would scream their displeasure, but not Greg, he liked to watch his victims squirm.

  The short man ran a nervous hand through his white, balding hair and straightened his skewed tie, as if doing so would suddenly make him presentable for someone as important as Greg.

  It did not.


  “They finished with it,” Carson whispered, then scurried to stand in front of his desk.

  Greg raised a brow. “So are you going to show it to me? Or stand there all day?”

  His assistant glanced nervously at the door behind him. “There wasn’t much they could decipher… she’d burned the journal almost past recognition.”

  Greg slammed his palm angrily on the desk, making the man jump.

  Carson set the paper in front of him and took two steps back. “Anything else, sir?”

  “No. You’re dismissed.”

  He barely heard the door as it closed, grasping the paper and pulling it close with an eagerness that bordered on desperation. His team had deciphered all that remained of Elaina Davens’ journal and typed it neatly on a paper.

  Looking at the sheet, he read what little had been found:

  They’ve lied to me. About everything. Level 10 demons are no worse than we are. The line between them and the angels is paper thin.

  They’re------ than I ever imagined.

  They’ll kill me if they ever discover what I know.

  This changes everything.

  Greg stared at the paper for far too long before finally setting it down. He’d been right to betray Elaina. She’d discovered the truth. A truth that would have turned their world upside down and destroyed everything.

  She had needed to die.

  And once I burn this, and the charred remains of her journal, there will be nothing to suggest her death was anything but an accident.

  The secret of what he and his team had done would remain a secret forever. There was no body. No weapon. And no evidence. There was no crime, as far as humankind knew.

  He smiled. I actually got away with murder.

  Chapter Two

  Sharen’s phone buzzed. Immediately, her pulse picked up, and her focus snapped away from the student’s presentation to her phone. There were only two people who called her. One of them was the man who ripped her heart out, and the other was dead.

  So… there was really only person who could be calling her now.

  Willing herself not to assume the worst, she slid her phone off her desk. Swiping the screen, she read the text from her ex-husband.

  I went back and got more of my things.

  She stared in disbelief. Somewhere deep inside, her heart squeezed painfully.

  But she pushed the feeling aside. In both her professional and personal life, letting her feelings distract her was dangerous. If she wasn’t strong, all the time, people got hurt.

  People died.

  Even Elaina.

  So, she reached for her anger. Anger kept her safe. Alive. It was the only thing that made her keep going after her best friend’s death.

  I broke my own rules. I opened up to this man, and look where it got me. Now she knew the truth, as much as she wished she could be soft and vulnerable, at least in her personal life, she couldn’t. So, she accepted that she’d be “The Ice Queen” in all areas of her life.

  No matter how exhausting such a role could be.

  I can handle this, as long as my ex didn’t touch my secret stash of books.

  Sharen had started seeking out ancient books after stumbling upon one half-buried in a demon-realm. The lettering of the first book had been hard to read, but she’d discovered spells that she’d never been taught in class, or even heard whispers about. Since that day, she’d bought any book she could find about magic, spells, demons, or different realms. Most seemed more fantasy than reality. But a few fascinated her by describing things that felt… possible.

  Shaking herself, she stared back at her phone. If he touched my books, it might just push me over the edge. Slowly, she typed back. What things? You took all your stuff when you left.

  Two months ago, she’d walked-in on her husband and her sister in bed together. Since that day, her personal life had been a mess. It wasn’t that she was shocked that the cold man she’d married was cheating on her. The truth was her marriage had been in shambles before their honeymoon was over. Because that was when he stopped pretending to be who I wanted and showed who he was deep down. But having her sister betray her? It was like a knife that didn’t stop twisting in her belly, no matter how much time passed.

  And yet, all that pain, all that misery, was nothing compared to her best friend’s death.

  Her phone buzzed again as she stared numbly at the hand that held it. Unconsciously, her gaze went to the simple gold band she still wore, before swiping the screen once more.

  I took the TV, stereo, and some kitchen appliances. We need them for our new place.

  At least he left what really mattered. But her relief was quickly replaced by anger. She clenched her teeth and dropped her phone back on her desk. Those were mine! Bought with my hard-earned money.

  Closing her eyes, she willed herself not to completely lose her shit. He had taken everything from her. And he had the nerve to take more? If her job didn’t require that she keep a low-profile, she’d have called the cops and thrown his ass in jail a long time ago.

  But as it was, all
she could do was seethe. Silently.

  And plan to finally have my locks changed.

  God did she hate him.

  Looking up, she stared out at the sea of faces. It was weird to think her “students” were only a few years younger than her. How did they look so youthful, while she felt so old?

  And then, she realized something else. Most of the class wasn’t paying attention to the presentation.

  Her jaw clenched so hard it ached. This wasn’t some bullshit English class. If they didn’t learn what she was teaching, they died. And the new group of students this year was one of the worst she’d seen in a long time. She was having a student review basic information with them, because they desperately needed the extra help.

  And they don’t even care enough to pay attention!

  Sharen tapped her fingers on the desk and glared, her focus turning to one student in particular who oozed arrogance. “Smith, there something boring about Katie’s presentation?”

  The freshmen jumped, guiltily hiding his phone at the same time. “No, Mrs. Bran.”

  Moving in one swift motion, she stood, and the room grew eerily still. Even her seniors and juniors in the back, looked up from their textbooks.

  “Lily,” she said, drawing out the senior student’s name.

  Lily stood, her stance that of a well-trained military officer, which she practically was. “Yes, Mrs. Bran?”

  The twenty year old’s golden hair was secured in a practical, low bun at the back of her head. She wore no makeup, but with her brilliant hazel eyes and high cheekbones, she didn’t need anything to look more model than warrior. But people who missed the muscles tightening her young body, were fools, because she could kill a man, or more accurately, a demon, faster than any student in the room.

  Sharen circled the almost-bare teacher’s desk, linking her hands behind her back. “Explain to Smith, and the rest of these worthless monkeys, what happens if you get your symbols wrong.”

  Lily took a second to phrase her words exactly as she thought best, something Sharen had grown to appreciate about the girl. “For one thing, you could go into the wrong demon’s territory. Which would be bad on many, many levels. If you got stuck, for instance, other teams might not be able to find you, because we’d be logged into The Program as having gone to a different territory.” She looked to Sharen with an unspoken question: should I keep going?

  Sharen gave a short nod.

  Lily’s pale complexion grew pink as a fiery determination filled her eyes. “You freshmen haven’t battled yet, but those symbols that seem to mean very little in your textbooks will be the difference between life and death. You draw yourself into a safety circle, using the right symbols. You get them wrong, and a demon could be feasting on your flesh in the blink of an eye.”

  All the students had turned around in their seats, to stare up at the beautiful girl as she spoke so vehemently. But still, it sickened Sharen to think that in six short months, she’d be losing a good portion of her Demon Hunters at graduation, and would be left with the new students who showed very little promise, even after a half year of studying.

  “Tell them about Brian.”

  For one second, shock registered on the blonde’s face, before she expertly covered it up. “On his first trip into a demon’s territory, he mixed up his first and second symbol. We found him at his location… a demon had eaten half his stomach.”

  A murmur rose from the freshmen and sophomores. Some looked panicked. Some had obviously heard the story before.

  “And what did the news report about Brian?”

  Lily took a deep breath, likely trying to forget the image of Brian’s mangled body. “They said he’d gotten drunk and stumbled into a river. They said he drowned.”

  “Very good. Sit down.”

  The girl complied.

  “But sometimes you can do everything right and still die.”

  Her gaze snapped to Rorde, who leaned arrogantly back in his chair.

  The twenty-year-old sorcerer made her skin crawl. No one in the classroom was aware of the extensive record he’d had as a minor. Of the violent crimes that he’d committed at an age when most kids were still scared of the dark. But Sharen knew, and she firmly disagreed with the Director allowing him to join their program and her team.

  “You could always die crossing the street tomorrow,” she answered him curtly. “But at least you won’t die with demons feeding on your insides.”

  He rolled his eyes.

  She strode to his desk and placed her hands on it.

  After a second, he looked up. His aristocratic good-looks still not enough to hide the dangerous quality of his gaze, nor the cruelness of his expression.

  “I’ve lost a student every single year. At least one, if not more.” She cocked her head. “I haven’t lost one yet this year though. I wonder who it’ll be? The team members who know their shit, or the ones sitting in the back of the class acting like arrogant pieces of shit?”

  A couple choked laughs came from behind her.

  Rorde glared. “I’ll hope we all return safely. Especially you.”

  Is that a threat? “You do that.”

  Now, back to my point.

  Sharen started slowly pacing in front of the freshmen and sophomores, some who would be entering demon territory before the end of the year. “There it is kids. Some jobs you mess up at, you get fired. You mess this up, you die. And along with that, no one ever knows the sacrifice you made so they could sleep safely in their beds.”

  The room descended into silence.

  “Now, Smith,” she said, eying the boy who likely only got accepted into The Program because he was the size of a small mountain. “How do you create a Circle of Protection?”

  Defiance lit his eyes. “You draw a circle around you, and write three symbols inside.”

  “What symbols?” She asked.

  He leaned back in his chair and folded his arms over his broad chest. “Protection, Luck, and Life.”

  “Correct,” She said. But just as a cocky expression twisted his lips, she added. “In what order?”

  He frowned and cleared his throat. “Just as I said it. Protection first, then Luck, then Life.”

  Sharen leaned over and placed her hands on the tiny desk connected to his chair. “Congratulations, you’re dead.”

  Blake gave a short laugh from the back of the class and put his arm behind Lily’s chair. “If you don’t know that by now, you’ll be the first to die.”

  Smith paled.

  Normally she’d correct a student for speaking out, but Blake was the other team captain. He and Lily were the best, and one of those rare college engagement stories that Sharen thought would actually work out. And when he spoke, the other students were more likely to listen.

  “Now then,” Sharen said, turning around to face the brunette patiently waiting to continue her presentation. “Katie, why don’t you finish up. I think these monkeys could use a little more help.”

  The demon-meat paid adamant attention the rest of class, scribbling notes like it just might save their lives, which it might. Good. Her gaze shifted away from them to her team in the back of the room. The seniors had that nervous silence they always got the night before they crossed over. Only, it was more than that this time. Tonight, an orange moon streaked the sky, and for some reason, it made them all a bit jumpy.

  Sharen moved through the room, answering questions, and offering subtle reassurance. Even though she feared for the new recruits, she still respected the hell out of them. Not everyone could risk their lives to keep others safe.

  A shrill bell rang overhead. Everyone jumped a bit, including Sharen.

  The students remained sitting, staring at her.

  “Alright, class. Study and train. You know what to do. Now, get out.”

  When they were gone, Sharen’s team stood and filed down the stairs. They waited in front of their teacher, in a quiet line.

  I’m going to miss these kids. And she would.
Even though she had to keep a secure line between herself and them, they were the closest things she had to friends. And they were amazing at what they did. Amazing people too.

  “Let’s head down and get this over with.” Sharen headed for the door. “Lily and Blake, with me.”

  The team captains flanked her as they made their way down the hall. The other eight students walked a short distance behind, except for Rorde who was so close Sharen could feel his breath on her neck.

  Sharen rolled her neck, trying to shake the feeling of his breath on her skin. “What do you think of them?”

  Blake cast a glance at Lily. “They’re slow learners, but maybe they’ll pick it up after they cross over for the first time.”

  Sharen looked at the boy. He’d come into The Program knowing the basics of creating a Protective Circle. He’d toned his body and practiced with a trainer, entering her classroom with the grace and skill of a warrior twice his age. Those kids had no chance of ever being as good as he was.

  “Perhaps,” Sharen said with a shrug.

  Lily gave her a small smile. “Also, I wanted to tell you something. The Director approached me about taking on a role as a Leader after I graduate.”

  “Really?” Sharen couldn’t say she was surprised, if anyone could do it, Lily could.

  “I told him I wasn’t interested.”

  Sharen froze, shaking her head. “Why? You’d be excellent at it.”

  “Because as much as I admire you, I could never do your job.”

  Sharen frowned.

  “The thing is, and I mean this respectfully, I’ve watched you give up everything for this job. Your friends. Your family. All for a bunch of students you have to scare into learning enough so they don’t die. And, to risk your eternal life in a way none of us have to… I just couldn’t do it.”

  Sharen felt flustered as she started to walk again. Lily fell silent, but kept pace beside her.

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