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As Long As We Got Love

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As Long As We Got Love

  As Long As We Got Love

  An Alexander Family Novel

  Tina Martin

  Copyright @ 2017 Tina Martin


  All rights reserved. This book may not be reproduced or distributed in any format including photography, recording information storage and retrieval systems without the prior written permission of the author. With the exception of small blurbs for book reviews, no part of this book may be uploaded without written permission from the author.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people, names, places, things or events are a product of the author’s imagination and strictly coincidental and are used fictitiously.

  This ebook is for you personal enjoyment only and protected by copyright laws. It may not be resold or given away to someone else. Please respect the hard work of this author. If you would like to share this book with another person, purchase an additional copy. If you are in possession of this book and didn’t purchase it, please return it and purchase your individual copy.

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  At Padma Alexander’s request, the family all assemble for a two-day family reunion at her grand estate in the Outer Banks. The week leading up to the reunion proves to be uplifting for some couples and challenging for others.

  Gabrielle and Tyson are still blissfully in love, but something he keeps from her has her questioning whether he ‘settled’ for her and not living up to his full potential.

  Dilvan is still battling feelings of self-pity with his bipolar diagnosis. Some days he takes his medicine. Other days he doesn’t. The constant mood swings are proving to be too much for Eden as she hides a secret that she’s afraid to tell him. She loves him, but there’s only so much she can take.

  Preston and Tamera are both busy with their writing careers. Their current lifestyle is carefree, eating out every other night and always busy with work, but Preston has been thinking more and more about starting a family. Tamera is not on board, at least not while she’s trying to get her business off the ground.

  Lalita searches for a purpose. Prasad can’t understand her reasoning since he provides her with everything she needs.

  Charity runs a school that was only supposed to be a summer school. She ends up opening an after-school program that would extend for the entire year, but Heshan thinks it’s too much for her to manage.

  Henry considers dating again but thinks he’s too old to get back in the game. That is until a woman visits the pastry shop who piques his interest.

  Padma wants to see everyone all together for a good time, but can a reunion bring everyone together, or will their individual issues cause nothing but drama?

  You can enjoy As Long As We Got Love as a standalone story, but if you’re interested in other Alexander books, please see below.

  *Books 1-4 MUST be read in order.

  *Books 5, 6 & 7 can be read as standalone books as well as this family novel.

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  Dilvan Alexander and Gabrielle Robinson are entered into an arranged marriage agreement by Dilvan’s mother, Padma Alexander. Dilvan doesn’t want Gabrielle and makes it clear to her that he doesn’t find her attractive. Shortly after the marriage, the abuse begins, but Gabrielle is rescued by Padma, who sends her to live with Dilvan’s cousin, Tyson Alexander.

  Watch Me Take Your Girl, Book 2 (Tyson | Gabrielle | Dilvan – Love Triangle)

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  The Object of His Obsession, Book 4 (Tyson | Gabrielle | Dilvan – Love Triangle)

  Dilvan’s obsession is clear – he even feels like he may be the father to Gabrielle’s baby, even when he and Gabrielle are no longer together.

  Heshan overhears a conversation between his mother and Lalita (Prasad’s wife) and now, he struggles with telling Tyson that the baby he has on the way may not be his.

  Dilvan’s Redemption, Book 5 (Dilvan and Eden’s Story)

  Dilvan is on a path to redemption but knows he has to leave North Carolina to truly focus on himself. Therefore, he leaves for Belize and settles into his vacation home there.

  Heshan Alexander hires a woman he meets online, Eden Eason, to look after Dilvan while he’s in Belize. But when Dilvan discovers that the woman was hired to watch him, will it send him off the deep end yet again?

  His Charity Challenge, Book 6 (Heshan and Charity’s Story)

  Now that all the family drama seems to have dwindled down, Heshan is free to focus on Charity Eason, a volunteer at Padma’s Food House. He’s had his eyes on her for a while, but she’s been busy rolling her eyes at him. Baggage from a previous relationship has taught her not to trust anything a man says, and how can she like Heshan when his mannerisms reminds her of an unfaithful ex?

  Different Tastes, Book 7 (Tamera and Preston’s Story)

  By day, Tamera Alexander is a food health inspector. By night, she’s a food blogger for Charlotte Magazine, writing about tasty eats and reviewing area Charlotte restaurants.

  Preston Michaels, owner of Charlotte Recreational (another Charlotte magazine), writes an incredible review for his sister’s restaurant, hoping to help boost sales. But when his sister informs him of a bad review published by Tamera on Charlotte Magazine’s blog, he knows the time has come for him to have a face-to-face meeting with the competition.


  Special thanks to my family who supports me on this writing journey. To one particular beta reader (D.W.), thanks so much for the feedback and hilarious book discussions. And to my wonderful readers – you guys are amazing! Thanks for hanging in there with me and understanding what a Tina Martin book entails. You make this writing journey worthwhile.

  Happy Reading,



  Chapter 1

  -*- Tyson and Gabrielle -*-

  Gabrielle stood at the sink, her hands submerged in white, foamy bubbles as she manually washed the last of the dishes. She just finished dinner with the family, after which Tyson fed and sang their baby girl, Amryn, to sleep. He also gave their son, Tyson Junior AKA, T.J. a bath. Finished with kid duty, Tyson was standing next to Gabrielle with a pale yellow and white checkered dish towel drying a few plates after Gabrielle had rinsed them, being the dutiful, always there, ever loyal husband.

  A smile kissed Gabrielle’s lips as she thought about him. He was everything she ever wanted – more man than she thought she could handle with his tall stature, broad shoulders, a chest like that of a sword-wielding emperor and the stamina of a great conqueror – but that was part of the adventure. Part of what made her fall so deeply in love with him. The other part was his mild temper. Add all that together and she had one heck of a man. A tall, chocolate, square-jawed king. On a daily, he made goosebumps travel the length of her limbs whenever he was close to her and sometimes when he wasn’t.

  “What are you doing, Tyson?”

  “Helping you with the dishes, sweetheart.”

  “You know you
don’t have to do that,” Gabrielle said glancing at her capable husband. The man could do it all and he’d proven that from the first day they met. He was there to rescue her from an abusive relationship. He made her feel worthy of love again after she’d been conditioned to believe she wasn’t. It was his love, his determination, his unwillingness to allow her to give up on herself that made her see nothing but love when she looked into his copper brown eyes.

  “I know I don’t have to. I just want to help.”

  “You cooked that delicious dinner. That’s helping. The pot roast was amazing and that coconut cake still has my mouth watering. You really outdid yourself with dinner tonight.”

  “Good. I aim to please. That’s the reaction I wanted you to have. Now I know for sure I’ve thoroughly done my job.”

  “You have. You always do, now go sit down and rest a bit,” she told him, snatching the cloth out of his hand.

  He took it back then requested she continue handing him dishes as she had been doing.

  “That’s the last one,” she told him, handing him a white, silver-rimmed ceramic plate. She glanced at him, his muscles more specifically. Two kids later with the man of her dreams, she was still having trouble grasping how a man so much older than her, so much stronger, could be the most caring and gentle human being she’d ever encountered. But that’s what he was – what he’d always been to her.

  “I saw you checking me out,” he said with a smirk after he’d put the last of the dishes away and walked up to her.

  Gabrielle attempted to hide a smile. “You did?”


  “I was trying to do it on the sly. Should’ve known I’d get caught.”

  He laughed a little, showing a brilliant, heart-stopping smile as his hands cradled her waist, holding on to her as her backside was pressed up against the counter where they’d been on dish duty. He gently brushed the tips of his dish detergent-smelling fingers across the hair on her temple. “Why do it on the sly when you know I’m all yours? You can look at me, touch me, tease me, kiss me,” he said before taking a quick kiss of his own from her lips. “You can do whatever your heart desires, baby. I’m all yours.”

  Staring up at him, her heart melted in her chest. Not only was he an amazing father and husband – Tyson Alexander had it going on. It always amazed her how she was able to stare into those deep russet brown eyes of his and gorgeously constructed face without completely falling to pieces. He did it for her. Made her feel hot all over with a sizzling craving to be cooled off. Made her feel loved and appreciated. Adored. He was the standard all husbands should follow, and lucky for her, he’d put a ring on her finger.

  Gabrielle closed her arms around him and squeezed, her head press right up against his pecks. His heart. He was her heart. She was certain she was his. She could tell by the way he held firmly onto her, keeping her close to his body – holding her like he could have her in this position forever. Like, if they so happened to dissolve into each other, he’d be just fine with it.

  “I love you, Gabrielle.”

  She loosened her grip on him to connect her eyes to his so he could see her truth as she spoke it. “I love you, too, Tyson. With all of my heart, I do.” Gabrielle raised herself to her tiptoes and eyed up his lips. Almost instantly their lips collided in sweet submission, tongues tangled into carnal immersion as he lifted her up from the floor and placed her on the countertop, standing between her opened legs as they kissed their way into another dimension. Tyson’s grip was a strong one as he held on to her, kissing her with determination – the sheer power of his mouth clamping down on hers, suctioning her tongue into his mouth while she tried her hardest to get a handle of his fleshly, muscular tongue that he knew how to use, whip and lap all around her mouth. Every single time they kissed or made love – it never failed – he’d put his all into it. When he married Gabrielle, he promised her that he’d show her how a real man treats his woman. How a man is supposed to love his woman. It didn’t matter that they made love too many times to count. What need was there to keep track of their lovemaking when it was so doggone good? When neither couldn’t wait until the next time they came together because it would always be as potent as their very best time – each time being an advancement from the last.

  Gabrielle instinctively wrapped her arms around Tyson’s strong neck. Her legs automatically wrapped around his waist like a vine on a tree, pulling him in closer to her. And when she wanted him to deepen the kiss, she placed her hands behind his head and drew his mouth in closer while breathing heavily – his manly scent taking control of her nostrils. Her mouth stretched opened wide to contain his deliciously thick tongue as he made love to her mouth with it. And now her hands were gripping the sides of his prickly face, steering him like she was driving a car and he was going in whichever direction she turned.

  “Mmm,” she moaned with a mouthful of him. And then, in a bout of panic, she snatched her mouth away from him after coming to her senses when she realized they were about to make love in the kitchen which would no doubt cause enough combustion to set off the fire alarm, but they couldn’t make love in the kitchen. They had kids and it wouldn’t take much noise for T.J. to come walking out of his room to find its source.

  “What’s wrong, baby?” Tyson asked, his breathing labored.

  “We can’t do this here, Tyson,” she panted.

  “Why not?” Tyson asked, feeling her body shudder when he slithered his hands up her shirt to touch her bare breasts, leaving kisses all around her mouth as he did so, stamping them on one at a time. “Why not, baby?”

  “We...” Gabrielle’s eyes did a pleasure containing roll. “We…we have to go to the bedroom.”

  “Why? You used to like it in the kitchen.”

  Still panting, she pinched out a small laugh. “Yes, before T.J. and Amryn.”

  “The kids…,” Tyson said between placing suction-like kisses on her neck. “They have no idea what’s about to happen to their momma.”

  Gabrielle giggled. “And what’s about to happen to their momma?” she couldn’t resist asking.

  “Daddy’s about to make a full course meal out of her.”

  “But you’ve already had dinner.”

  “Apparently, I didn’t have enough.”

  Gabrielle could only gasp as he continued to trundle his tongue around her neck. He was deliberate in his efforts to love her to pieces. Already she was trembling, and kissing her this way was just the tip of the iceberg.

  “Hold on to me, Gabrielle,” he whispered in a brief moment after ending the tongue massage on her neck. When he felt her arms tighten around his neck, he grabbed a hold to her hips and carried her to their bedroom. He placed her on the bed, removing her top, prompting her to extend her hands above her head. She was definitely under his arrest. He undid the clasp of her pants and pulled them down a pair of smooth legs thinking about how many times he’d done this before and how desperately he wanted to do it again. This time, like other times, he could see the disbelief in her eyes like she couldn’t believe this was her life – that he was actually hers but he had that same look when he looked into the eyes of his beautiful wife and set his gaze upon her beautiful body. He took a moment to appreciate it. He licked his lips. Her body had changed since having children. Her hips were wider, breast fuller. It was definitely a change for his further enjoyment.

  “You have a beautiful body, Gabrielle.”

  She smiled beautifully. “So do you, Tyson.”

  He lowered that firm, solid-as-a-rock body on top of her and took the fullness of her lips into his mouth listening as a moan escaped her throat. His hands caressed and massaged her plump mounds while he steadily kissed her. And they traveled even further to the very dampness of her.



  With his tongue, he explored chartered territories, feeling her body quiver beneath him. Her moans filled the room while she lost full control over her own body because he had it. Th
e moment she felt the heat, the size of him filling her channel, she gasped his name and uttered a continuous moan as he settled in place, enjoying this connection more than life, releasing a satisfying groan of his own at how magnificent it felt whenever their bodies joined this way. He loved physical intimacy with her, the only woman he’d ever had this kind of connection with. Even more important than the physical connection, though, he craved the mental connection with her, and so as he kept a level of control over his desire to move his body, he stilled himself inside of her, staring into her soft face. He kissed her wet lips softly to get her attention. Her eyes were closed. He wanted her to open them.

  “How do you feel, Gabrielle?”

  She opened her eyes and instantly her muscles automatically began clenching him. “Loved,” she responded, her chest rising. Falling.

  “How do I feel inside of you, baby?” he asked, moving now to emphasize his point.

  She moaned closing her eyes while her trembling fingers grazed over his back. “ good,” she said her lips quivering as she did so. She closed her eyes again and bit down on her bottom lip, completely overwhelmed with sensations only he could deliver.

  “Open your eyes, Gabrielle.”

  She did as he asked, staring into the heated depths of his. That alone could make her lose all control and make her body convulse. It had plenty of times before.

  “There’s my girl,” he said, his eyes beaming down on her. “I love you more than life. You know that don’t you?”

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