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[2017] Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook, page 1


[2017] Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

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[2017] Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook

  Table of Contents


  Vegan Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

  Peaches and Cream Oats

  Instant Pot Strawberries and Oats Breakfast

  Instant Pot Breakfast Quinoa

  Vegan Instant Pot Carrot Breakfast

  Special Instant Pot Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal

  Instant Pot Breakfast Risotto

  Instant Pot Breakfast Porridge

  Delicious Apple Butter

  Instant Pot Vegan Chestnut Butter

  Delicious Breakfast Tapioca Pudding

  Breakfast Quinoa Salad

  Cinnamon Oatmeal

  Breakfast Coconut Risotto

  Pumpkin Oats

  Simple Tofu Mix

  Rich Quinoa Curry

  Breakfast Burgers

  Veggie Dumplings

  Breakfast Rice Bowl

  Millet and Veggie Mix

  Tapioca Pudding

  Breakfast Arugula Salad

  Black Quinoa Breakfast Mix

  Breakfast Bean Salad

  Breakfast Potato Salad

  Veggie Salad

  Italian Veggie Mix

  Banana Oatmeal

  Jackfruit Breakfast Mix

  Veggies and Coconut Sauce

  Blackberry Oatmeal

  Blueberry and Quinoa Bowl

  Strawberry Breakfast Bowls

  Breakfast Porridge

  Mushroom Porridge

  Vegan Instant Pot Grains Recipes

  Vegan Instant Pot Rice And Veggies Dish

  Tasty Instant Pot Millet And Veggies

  The Perfect Instant Pot Lentils And Rice Risotto

  Instant Pot Farro With Mushrooms and Beans

  Special Vegan Polenta

  Instant Pot Barley Porridge

  Instant Pot Quinoa Pilaf

  Delicious Instant Pot Rice and Artichokes

  Instant Pot Curried Sorghum

  Tasty Instant Pot Couscous With Mint

  Vegan Instant Pot Soups Recipes

  Instant Pot Veggie Soup

  Vegan Instant Pot Lentils Soup

  Vegan Cauliflower And Sweet Potato Soup

  Tasty Instant Pot Tomato Soup

  Delicious Pumpkin Soup

  Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

  Instant Pot Cream Of Broccoli

  Instant Pot Beets Soup (Borscht)

  Vegan Instant Pot Potato Soup

  Instant Pot Black Bean Soup

  Instant Pot Vegetable Recipes

  Delicious Instant Pot Ratatouille

  Instant Pot Potato Salad

  Tasty Instant Pot Veggie Dish

  Vegan Instant Pot Carrots Casserole

  Special Instant Pot Peas And Potatoes Dish

  Instant Pot Red Cabbage Salad

  Instant Pot Vegan Cabbage Rolls

  Simple Instant Pot Tomato And Green Beans Stew

  Special Tomato And Zucchini Dish

  Summer Vegetable Mix

  Vegan Instant Pot Side Dish Recipes

  Delicious Basmati Rice

  Mixed Mash

  Easy Baked Beans

  Sweet Potatoes Side Dish

  Simple Cauliflower Rice

  Flavored Pinto Beans

  Sweet Brussels Sprouts

  Simple Roasted Potatoes

  Squash Risotto

  Fried Cabbage

  Spanish Risotto

  Quinoa Side Dish

  Cuban Beans Side Dish

  Yucca and Sauce

  Green Beans Side Dish

  Fried Rice

  Mashed Cauliflower and Chives

  Caramelized Sweet Potatoes Side Dish

  Thai Coconut Rice

  Wild Mushrooms Rice

  Broccoli and Garlic

  Mustard Glazed Carrots

  Garlic Artichokes

  Farro Side Dish

  Flavored Polenta

  Simple Black Rice

  Vegan Instant Pot Snacks and Appetizers Recipes

  Instant Pot Red Pepper Spread

  Instant Pot Peanuts

  Instant Pot Artichokes Spread

  Instant Pot Onions Appetizer

  Delicious Mushroom Pate

  Instant Pot Breakfast Eggplant Spread

  Vegan Instant Pot Tortillas

  Instant Pot Spanish Potatoes

  Vegan Instant Pot Carrot Snack

  Vegan Instant Pot Brussels Sprouts Snack

  Pickled Green Peppers

  Olive Spread

  Artichokes Dip

  Caramelized Garlic

  Chickpeas Spread

  Pearl Onion Appetizer

  Italian Rice Salad

  Veggie Appetizer

  Italian Appetizer Salad

  Lentil Party Mix

  Veggie Patties

  Steamed Dumplings

  Brussels Sprouts Snack

  Marinara Dip

  Polenta Bites

  Fancy Tapenade

  Black Eye Pea Pate

  Squash And White Bean Spread

  Cashew Spread

  Green Bean Spread

  Appetizer Salad

  Cashew Fondue

  Cauliflower And Cashew Dip

  Chard Hummus

  Tomato Spread

  Vegan Instant Pot Sauce Recipes

  Simple Instant Pot Tomato Sauce

  Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce

  Vegan Instant Pot Mango Chutney

  Delicious Instant Pot Pesto Sauce

  Instant Pot Tabasco Sauce

  Instant Pot Vegan Gravy

  Instant Pot Mushroom Sauce

  Tasty Instant Pot BBQ Sauce

  Tasty Cauliflower Sauce

  Instant Pot Orange Sauce

  Vegan Instant Pot Main Dish Recipes

  Delicious Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes And Tempeh

  Simple Instant Pot Tofu And Veggies Dish

  Delicious Instant Pot Vegan Mushroom Dish

  Easy Instant Pot Vegan Penne Rigatta

  Vegan Instant Pot Spinach Pasta

  Instant Pot Pasta With Cranberry Beans

  Instant Pot Vegan Mousaka

  Instant Pot Vegan Sheppard’s Pie

  Instant Pot Corn With Lime Sauce

  Amazing Vegan Lasagna

  Vegan Instant Pot Burgers And Patties Recipes

  Instant Pot Lentils Burgers

  Instant Pot Black Bean Burgers

  Tasty Black Eyed Peas Patties

  Delicious Instant Pot Chickpeas Burgers

  Tasty Vegan Instant Pot Corn Burger

  Instant Pot Mushroom Patties

  Instant Pot Beetroot Patties

  Vegan Smokey Amaranth Burgers

  Instant Pot Broccoli Burgers

  Simple Instant Pot Couscous Patties

  Spinach Curry

  Brown Rice Stew

  Quinoa And Veggies Mix

  Sweet Potato Stew

  Split Pea Stew

  Veggie Stew

  Indian Potatoes Dish

  Italian Veggie Soup

  Vegan Pozole

  Spinach Chana Masala

  Mushroom Mix

  Chickpeas Curry

  Split Pea Soup

  Kidney Beans Chili

  Chickpeas, Veggies And Rice

  Brown Rice Soup

  Eggplant Curry

  Veggies And Coconut Sauce

  Cauliflower Stew

  Stuffed Squash

  Vegan Dinner Pie

  Different Rice Dish

  Spanish Potato Dish

  Special Chili

  Black Bean Soup

  Pasta And Cranberry Beans

  Lentils Soup

  Dal Tadka

  Mushroom And Barley Soup

  Mexican Soup
r />   Beet Soup

  Beets Salad

  Beets And Capers Salad

  Greens Sauté

  Turnips Dish

  Roasted Tomato Soup

  Asparagus Soup

  Leek And Fennel Soup

  Endives And Rice Soup

  Barley And Spinach Pesto

  Veggie Mix

  Lentils And Tomato Stew

  Chickpeas And Basil Dressing

  Kidney Beans Stew

  Pineapple Curry

  Brussels Sprouts Mix

  Simple Cabbage And Tomatoes

  Dinner Endives Mix

  Endives And Rice Dish

  Eggplant And Tomato Sauce

  Instant Pot Vegan Dessert Recipes

  Fruit Stew

  Strawberry Compote

  Cherry Stew

  Classic Apple Compote

  Rhubarb And Strawberry Dessert

  Strawberry Jam

  Poached Figs

  Mango Jam

  Raspberry Curd

  Lemon Pudding

  Peaches Oatmeal

  Pumpkin Pudding

  Fruits Pie

  Pomegranate Pudding

  Banana Cake

  Carrots And Oats Pudding

  Rice And Maple Syrup Pudding

  Brown Rice Pudding

  Simple Lemon Jam

  Pineapple And Coconut Pudding

  Sweet Baby Carrots

  Peach Jam

  Coconut Pudding

  Vegan Instant Pot “Baked” Apples

  Instant Pot Chocolate Fondue

  Instant Pot Vegan Pears Dessert

  Instant Pot Vegan Cheesecake

  Instant Pot Cranberry Cake

  Instant Pot Vegan Carrot Cake

  Special Rice Pudding

  Instant Pot Vegan Cobbler

  Special Instant Pot Peach Compote

  Instant Pot Vegan Stuffed Peaches

  Cherry Jam

  Plum Marmalade



  Veganism is extremely popular these days! More and more people opt for this great diet because it can transform them into new, healthy and happy persons!

  Does this sound appealing to you?

  Veganism is a great dietary option and everyone can follow it! All you need to do is to give up eating animal products, dairy, cheese, sugars and artificial ingredients.

  Come on, this is not too hard! Vegan recipes are full of colors and textures and we are sure that you will end up loving this diet!

  Do you want to discover more about vegan recipes?

  Then, you are in the right place! This next cooking journal is all about veganism!

  This cookbook gives you the most amazing, delicious, intense and flavored vegan dishes!

  In order to make things even better, we’ve decided to take things to another level!

  That’s why we’ve decided to show you some wonderful vegan recipes made in the best kitchen appliance ever!

  We’re talking about instant pots!

  So, what do you say?

  Are you willing to forget your current dietary habits?

  Are you willing to give veganism a chance?

  Then, you must really get this cookbook!

  It will surprise you for sure and it will show you that veganism and cooking in an instant pot can be so much fun!

  Now, let’s get to work and start cooking some vegan dishes in an instant pot

  It will be the culinary experience of a lifetime! Trust us!

  Vegan Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes

  Peaches and Cream Oats

  Servings: 2

  Preparation time: 10 minutes

  Cooking time: 3 minutes


  2 peaches, chopped

  1 cup coconut milk

  1 cup steel cut oats

  ½ vanilla bean

  2 cups water


  Put the peaches in your instant pot.

  Add coconut milk, oats, vanilla bean and water and cook for 3 minutes.

  Leave aside for 10 minutes to release pressure and serve.


  Nutritional value: 130, fat 2, carbs 5, fiber 2, protein 3

  Instant Pot Strawberries and Oats Breakfast

  Servings: 2

  Preparation time: 5 minutes

  Cooking time: 10 minutes


  1/3 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

  2 tablespoon dried strawberries

  A pinch of salt

  2 cups water

  2/3 cup almond milk

  ½ teaspoon coconut sugar


  Put the water in your instant pot.

  Add strawberries, oats, almond milk and sugar.

  Cook on High for 10 minutes, leave aside to release pressure, transfer the oats to breakfast bowls and serve.


  Nutritional value: calories 200, fat 5, carbs 25, fiber 2.8, protein 8.6

  Instant Pot Breakfast Quinoa

  Servings: 6

  Preparation time: 10 minutes

  Cooking time: 3 minutes


  1 and ½ cups quinoa

  2 tablespoons maple syrup

  2 and ¼ cups water

  ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, ground

  ½ teaspoon vanilla

  A pinch of salt

  Sliced almond for serving


  In your instant pot, mix water with maple syrup, quinoa, cinnamon, vanilla and salt.

  Cook on high pressure for 1 minute, leave 10 minutes aside to release pressure, pour into breakfast bowls and serve with sliced almond on top.


  Nutritional value: 120, fat 10, carbs 12, fiber 4, protein 5

  Vegan Instant Pot Carrot Breakfast

  Servings: 6

  Preparation time: 20 minutes

  Cooking time: 10 minutes


  1 cup steel cut oats

  4 cups water

  1 tablespoon coconut butter

  2 teaspoons cinnamon, ground

  1 cup carrots, finely grated

  3 tablespoons maple syrup

  1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

  A pinch of salt

  ¼ cup chia seeds

  ¾ cup raisins


  In your instant pot, mix coconut butter with water, cinnamon, carrots, maple syrup, salt and pumpkin pie spice and cook on High for 10 minutes.

  Leave pot aside to release pressure for 10 minutes, add oats, chia seeds and raisins, cover pot and leave it aside for another 10 minutes.

  Transfer the carrot oatmeal to breakfast bowls and serve it right away!


  Nutritional value: calories 150, fat 3, carbs 12, sugar 13, fiber 8, protein 8

  Special Instant Pot Vegan Pumpkin Oatmeal

  Servings: 6

  Preparation time: 10 minutes

  Cooking time: 4 minutes


  1 and ½ cups steel cut oats

  1 and ½ cups pumpkin puree

  4 and ½ cups water

  1 teaspoon allspice

  1 teaspoon vanilla

  2 teaspoons cinnamon powder

  ½ cup coconut sugar

  ¼ cup pecans, chopped

  1 tablespoon cinnamon

  Almond milk for serving


  Put the water in your instant pot.

  Add oats, pumpkin puree, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, vanilla and allspice.

  Stir, cover, cook on High for 3 minutes and then release pressure.

  Meanwhile, in a bowl, mix pecans with sugar and 1 tablespoon cinnamon and stir well.

  Sprinkle this over pumpkin oatmeal and serve with almond milk.


  Nutritional value: calories 130, fat 3, carbs 12, fiber 3, protein 4, sugar 10

  Instant Pot Breakfast Risotto

  Servings: 4

bsp; Preparation time: 10 minutes

  Cooking time: 22 minutes


  1 and ½ cups arborio rice

  2 apples, diced

  2 tablespoons coconut butter

  A pinch of salt

  1 and ½ teaspoons cinnamon

  1/3 cup stevia

  1 cup apple juice

  3 cups almond milk

  ½ cup cherries, dried


  Put coconut butter and rice in your instant pot, cover and cook on High for 6 minutes.

  Uncover instant pot, stir the rice and mix it with apple juice, almond milk, apples, raw sugar, a pinch of salt and cinnamon, cover and cook on High for 10 minutes.

  Serve your breakfast rice in medium bowls with dried cherries on top.


  Nutritional value: calories 178, fat 12, carbs 1, fiber 3, protein 12, sugar 11

  Instant Pot Breakfast Porridge

  Servings: 6

  Preparation time: 10 minutes

  Cooking time: 35 minutes


  ¼ cup split yellow gram, roasted

  1 tablespoon split Bengal gram, roasted

  1 and ½ cups banana, chopped

  1 cup almond milk

  1 cup rice, washed

  3 cups water

  2 cups jaggery, chopped

  3 tablespoons cashews, chopped

  1 teaspoon cardamom powder

  2 tablespoons raisins

  ¼ teaspoon nutmeg powder

  Some saffron strands


  In your instant pot, mix yellow and Bengal gram with rice, almond milk and 2 and ½ cups water and cook on High for 5-6 minutes.

  Release pressure and leave aside for now.

  In a bowl, mix jaggery with the rest of the water, stir and pour everything into a pan heated over medium high heat.

  Cook for 7 minutes, stirring often and then add the rice and gram mix.

  Stir again and cook for 4 minutes.

  Add raisins, cashews, stir and cook for 2 minutes.

  Add cardamom powder, nutmeg powder, saffron and bananas, stir and cook for 1 minute.

  Pour this into breakfast bowls and serve right away.


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